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Which is better 1090-fa or 1090-mutabilit?

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  • Which is better 1090-fa or 1090-mutabilit?

    For about a year I had 1090-mutability installed and feeding FR24, FlightAware (FA), Plane Finder, and ADSB Exchange using a Pi with Stretch installed.
    About every 30 days FA would stop being fed while all the others continued apace.
    I would update everything and reboot to reinitiate the FA feed.
    The last time I did that after a week or so I noticed I was no longer using 1090-mutability, but had been switched over to 1090-fa.

    Before uninstalling 1090-fa and reinstalling 1090-mutability I am wondering; Is it worth the trouble and will I again have FA stop being fed about every 30 days?
    With 1090-mutability I had the map set up with line-of-sight elevation contour lines for my location which is of course gone on 1090-fa's map.

    Thanks for any info.
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    On one of my Pi I have dump1090-fa, and on other one have dump1090-mutability. Both Pis feed:
    (a) Flightradar24
    (b) Flightaware
    (c) Planefinder
    (d) Radarbox24
    (e) Adsbexchange

    1. I never notice any failure to Flightaware feed. In occassional problem, all feeds will stop, not Flightaware only.

    2. I did not notice any performance difference between dump1090-fa and dump1090-mutability. The only difference is in GUI/map.

    3. Never ever Piaware installed dump1090-fa by itself replacing an existing dump1090-mutability installation.


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      I feel what you had before was dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev, and what you have now is dump1090-mutability ver1.14, and not dump1090-fa. This has happened two months ago when FR24 feeder was upgraded to new version.

      You can check this by two things:
      (1) The dump1090-mutability (v1.14 & v1.15) have two clocks at top-right of Map, while dump1090-fa does not have any clock.

      (2) At top-right of map, just below clock, the version number is written. It will be either v1.14 (mutab), or 1.15~dev (mutab), or 3.5.3 (fa). This will confirm what you have.


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        The active map I now have has no clocks and "3.5.3"(the version of FA I have installed) off to the right hand side.
        I had ver 1.15 dev of mutability installed prior to it being disabled by the installation of 1090-fa.

        The inactive map I now have has 2 clocks, the note "DUMP1090" off to the left on the menu and "unknown version" off to the right on the menu.
        The inactive map (the remnants of my 1090 mutability 1.15 map still has the "heywhatsthat" elevation contour lines, but no planes.
        The inactive map also has a yellow highlighted note surrounded by a red outline at the bottom left stating:

        "Problem fetching data from dump1090.
        AJAX call failed (error: Not Found). Maybe dump1090 is no longer running?
        The displayed map data will be out of date."

        If you haven't found any performance difference between the two, I think I'll just stick with what got forced on me.
        ...although, Is it possible to install the "heywhatsthat" elevation contour lines on the 1090-fa map using the same process as on the 10900-mutability map?



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          If you add following two things to this poll, it will make this poll more useful:

          1. Remarks text field: Voter to briefly mention why he made his choice.

          2. Third option "Both are equally good".


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            Good Idea, but I can't figure out how to edit the existing poll.