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Reinstalling feeder - feeder does not start

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  • Reinstalling feeder - feeder does not start

    Hey there,

    i am running my Raspberry 3B for more than a year in a row. Last month my SD card stopped working. I bought a new one and reinstalled the feeder software to the 8GB SD card...

    the feeder does not start. Internet connection exists (Ping to, Status of fr24feed: FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process...failed!

    The feeder does not appear at (There is only my offline Feeder from the old SD card).
    So what are the steps to do a complete reinstall of the software to run the feeder under the same stream key again?

    I dont know what to do...

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    Copy paste output of following command
    cat /etc/fr24feed.ini
    For privacy reasons, remove value of fr24key from the post.
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      sudo fr24feed --signup

      Use to be the way if it was successfully actually installed but not configured. (above will show that). If it works still remains to be seen
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        Thank you @Oblivian. This was the command i needed.

        Where could i this command? I searched in forum, FAQs, Rpi "build your own" page of FR24...

        now its working!

        So thanks abcd567 too, but i think the log isn't neccessary anymore