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    I have noticed that my stats show a drop in max range these last few weeks. The last 45 day average is 133 days. For the same period last year it is 148 days.

    I think this is a significant drop. If it is, is it caused by a change to the algorithm used by FR24 or by a degradation of my antenna?


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      The stats have never worked properly on the site, it's just not a priority for FR24, numerous discussions about this in the forum.

      Just as an example i haven't had many days below 340-345nm maximum range the past year in my private stats page but still i never get higher than 325nm in the stats ranking list. I believe for some reason they have put 325 as maximum what you are allowed to have there.. the reason is somewhat secret i guess. Sad because i know many high altidude recievers around the world that exeeds 325..


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        I have noticed this also, i have watched an aircraft to over 220 Nm but FR24 stats page only shows 120Nm.


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          That's the way it is when a enthusiast driven business more and more moves to become a larger corporation with other goals/targets. They forget about how they once started and who helped out in doing so, and still help for that matter, we all do here right. But i've given up on it, it's just the way it is, i enjoy the business subscription i get but that's about it. i have other use of my data apart from this.