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Linux - installing feed software

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  • Linux - installing feed software

    This is a Linux question rather than a FR24 one - but I'm sure there are much greater minds on here than on the Linux Mint forum to help me.

    I have a couple of Laptops with the Windows FR24 installed. But they are both triple boot (one is Win7/Win10/Linux Mint and the other a Hackintosh with Win7/Linux Mint/OSX Sierra). Both can feed from Win7.

    So I wanted to install FR24 on both on their Linux sides so if I was using it the feed wouldn't be cut off - always presuming it had the dongle plugged in.

    So I've put it on one - downloaded and installed using the package installer. But it installed everything as "root". So when I came to set it up it couldn't access the .ini file, logs etc so lots of errors trying to save my feeding key and so on. I then used chmod to change permissions here and there and now it works fine.

    But surely there must be a way to make it install as me - my default user - rather than root? I'm not fully adept with Linux (OSX person) and before I put it on another laptop I'd like some guidance. Thank you in eager anticipation!

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    Hello I have been using Linux for over 10 years and am intermediate level, as I was reading your question I was thinking "chmod" You have done it the right way this is the power of Linux is you can choose what a rights a program or a user has over your system. You could also give your ordinary user root priveleges

    # usermod -g 0 -o your_username
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