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    Bit of a newby ....

    Is there a package for only the FR24feed without all the ballast?
    I want to use Virtual Radar and forward to FR24, VR is using RTL1090 (which gives me better coverage than DUMP1090).

    Also I lost one of my configurations on Raspberry Pi, so how do I prevent creating a new shared key?

    PS .. for those how find it interesting; I try to move from Raspberry Pi (debian) to miniPC BBEN MN1S (Windows 10) just because RTL1090 is doing better than DUMP1090.

    PS .. I think it would be better to have a plain FR24feed for those how already use DUMP1090 or any other software (for example I used different DUMP1090 than included).


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    No, it comes with dump1090 but since you want to use RTL1090, just setup FR24 software as AVR-TCP and point it to 31001 and it should be able to get data from your RTL1090.


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      Out of curiosity, I tried on Windows 8.1
      RTL1090 + fr24feed_win32_1.0.19-15
      FR24FEED - RTL1090.png

      With avr-tcp in the file fr24feed.ini, it did not work:
      FR24FEED - RTL1090 - AVR-TCP.png

      With beast-tcp, it did work:
      FR24FEED - RTL1090 - BEAST-TCP.png
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        receiver="avr-tcp" setting in fr24feed.ini is now working after changing configuration of RTL1090.
        Opened Config of RTL1090, and placed a check mark besides "/avr -AVR asii format"

        FR24FEED - RTL1090 - SETTINGS.png

        FR24FEED - RTL1090 - AVR-TCP OK.png
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          PS .. how did you get the B:161 version? I only got B:151 (Beta 3) version....


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            As for the perceived improvement of range with RTL, unless something has drastically changed with the design it depends on what you use to log the 'range' be it filtered, raw, or just the stuff shown on screen without any plotting apps

            Monitor the amount of ACTIVE messages vs plotting on map/distance. Like most others with the option, sporadic signal on the fringe of range can still show aircraft in the list or 'moving' if it doesn't release them for up to 1mins after total signal loss. (that is a blip every 20sec or so isn't enough to register for some sharing sites but will keep plotting locally)

            From the manual:
            ~ - position timed out/lost
            Inactive aircraft will be delete after 1 min.

            So if using the aircraft list as a gauge of range.. it's probably no different to the various decoders
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              I got it some months ago, dont remember exact address, but vaugely remember from jet vision site. The package contained both normal and beta3 versions.


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                Downloaded from

                The release is titled:
                RTL1090 "SCOPE" BETA VERSION 3 (151)

                However the relese note file releasebeta.txt in the downloaded package says:
                MPORTANT: This is a beta version of RTL1090.
                Functionality is experimental and partially incomplete yet.
                Please use at your own risk.
                Retain the release that is working for you as a backup copy.

                Build 161 - 27/03/15 - Housekeeping
                ================================================== ==========================


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                  RTL1090 + adsbScope are my "old faithful horse". These were my first software when I started this hobby about 5 years ago. For initial almost one year, these two remaind my only ADS-B software. I did not feed any site, and everything was local to my Windows Desktop. At that stage, I was mainly concentrating on improvement of my hardware: antenna, amplifier, coax etc. Made and tried lot of DIY antenna designs.


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                    Originally posted by abcd567 View Post
                    Downloaded from

                    The release is titled:
                    RTL1090 "SCOPE" BETA VERSION 3 (151)
                    Thanks, never checked that one out as it mentioned 151 .. which I already had...



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                      Okay, seems I got it working ;-)

                      RTL1090 feeds Virtual Radar and VR forward to FR24feed ...

                      Just wonder how to upload a picture or something ... seems I cannot?