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Feeding not working

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  • abcd567
    @ Raihan Ahmed:
    Re-plug your dongle. Possibly it is not properly plugged into computer.
    If you are using a USB extender cable, try plugging the Dongle directly into computer, or use another USB cable.

    NEXT STEP: (If above does not solve the problem)

    1. Have you installed Dongle driver Zadig?
    2. Is your dongle OK?

    If answer to any one or both of the above question is "No" or "Dont Know", please see this thread:
    This thread will
    (a) guide you how to install driver Zadig
    (b) tell you how to test your dongle.

    Is My DVB-T RTL SDR Dongle Healthy?

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  • Raihan Ahmed
    started a topic Feeding not working

    Feeding not working

    After re-installing my windows 7 my feeding software isn't working anymore.
    It can't find any aircraft.
    Don't know what may be the wrong.
    Screenshot is attached.
    Need urgent help.
    Radar T-VGHS22
    Attached Files