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DVBT Connection Terminated

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  • DVBT Connection Terminated

    Hi all,

    Can't seem to get flightradar24 to connect successfully to the DVBT stick for it to send aircraft data to them. Looking at the log file there is a lot of this:

    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [main][i]Reader thread started
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [main][i]MLAT data feed started
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [mlat][i]Waiting for MLAT configuration
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [reader][i]Initializing reader
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [reader][i]Connecting to DVBT receiver via (exe:///usr/lib/fr24/dump1090 --raw --mlat)
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [reader][i]Connected to the receiver, configuring
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [reader][i]Configured, processing messages
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [reader][i]Connection terminated
    2018-01-16 21:40:23 | [main][i]Terminating child process 1074 with SIGTERM
    2018-01-16 21:40:24 | [time][i]Synchronizing time via NTP
    2018-01-16 21:40:28 | [reader][i]Connecting to DVBT receiver via (exe:///usr/lib/fr24/dump1090 --raw --mlat)
    2018-01-16 21:40:28 | [reader][i]Connected to the receiver, configuring
    2018-01-16 21:40:28 | [reader][i]Configured, processing messages
    2018-01-16 21:40:28 | [reader][i]Connection terminated
    Aircraft are showing up on the dump1090 map without a problem. I've tried restarting the service, rebooting the Pi. Unplugging the DV BT USB stick etc etc.

    Anyone got any ideas? It was all working fine until 7am this morning.

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    It probably updated

    But if you have dump1090 working before starting, it should not be configured like you have there (re launching dump1090 - r][i]Connecting to DVBT receiver via (exe:///usr/lib/fr24/dump1090 --raw --mlat)
    But rather AVRTCP and localhost:30002
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