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    @mgunther thanks. This fixed my dump1090 page, but the (adsbreceiver) stats are still down.


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      @loplo Give it a few minutes. The stats have to start building up again. Hourly graphs should appear first - at least they did for me.
      T-EIKY1 | T-EICK1


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        Thanks. Your contribution are very valuable, as I have always experienced in past.


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          We have two parameters to decide what action best to resolve the issue.

          Level of Linux knowldge and expertise of the owner/maintainer of RPi station.

          Type of install. There are so many custom installs that it is hard to have only one fix which applies to all. Some of the most common installs are:
          • Pi24 with no other software installed.

          • Raspbian image with dump1090-mutability installed first by user, then fr24feed was installed. There may be more feeders installed such as Flightaware, Planefinder etc etc

          • Raspbian image with dump1090-fa installed first by user, then fr24feed was installed. There may be more feeders installed such as Flightaware, Planefinder etc etc

          • Piaware SD card image ( = Jessie + dump1090-fa + piaware data feeder). There may be more feeders installed such as Flightaware, Planefinder etc etc.

          • Other OS such as Armbian for Orange Pi etc etc.

          Currently the worst problem is faced by those who had dump1090-mutability ver1.15~dev already installed prior to current upgrade of fr24feed.


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            Version 19-6 released.

            Changelog here


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              In case anyone wants to update right now

              sudo apt update
              sudo /usr/lib/fr24/

              The rest who have auto updates enabled will get auto updated to v.19-6 tomorrow.


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                OK, updated to 1.0.19-6.

                The problem with permission settings on /run/dump1090-mutability is now gone, i.e. the file /etc/systemd/system/fr24feed.service does not change the permission any more as it did in The relevant line now reads:
                ExecStartPre=-/bin/chown -R nobody:nogroup /var/log/fr24feed /run/fr24feed /dev/shm/decoder.txt
                However, another issue remains for me which prevents the fr24feed service to run properly on my Jessie system: the service is being started as 'nobody' user and this user does not seem to have enough rights to do what it needs to do:
                1. It cannot resolve 'localhost' to the relevant IP address of
                2. It cannot run NTP
                3. It cannot contact

                Relevant log entries as follows:
                2018-01-23 17:19:07 | [reader][e]Could not connect to tcp://localhost:30005
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | [main][i]Feed Network client started
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | [feed][i]Downloading configuration
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | [e]Could not connect to, errno: 101
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | ERROR
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | [e]Could not retrieve configuration from Flightradar24
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | [feed][i]Failed on start, Sleeping 120 seconds
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | [reader][i]Connecting to unknown receiver via (tcp://localhost:30005)
                2018-01-23 17:19:12 | [reader][e]Could not connect to tcp://localhost:30005
                2018-01-23 17:19:14 | [time][i]Synchronizing time via NTP
                2018-01-23 17:19:14 | [time][e]Failed to synchronize time
                Also check from command line:
                ~ $ sudo fr24feed-status
                [ ok ] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: running.
                [ ok ] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2018-01-23 17:32:19.
                [FAIL] FR24 Link: unknown ... failed!
                [FAIL] Receiver: down ... failed!
                [FAIL] FR24 MLAT: not running ... failed!
                Resolution on my receiver is to run the fr24feed service as 'root' user.

                To do this, I edit /etc/systemd/system/fr24feed.service:
                ~ $ sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/fr24feed.service
                In this file, I edit the line:
                Then restart the service:
                ~ $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
                ~ $ sudo systemctl restart fr24feed
                The log looks good now:
                2018-01-23 17:37:25 | [reader][i]Connecting to unknown receiver via (tcp://localhost:30005)
                2018-01-23 17:37:25 | [master][i]Starting processing thread
                2018-01-23 17:37:25 | [mlat][i]Waiting for MLAT configuration
                2018-01-23 17:37:25 | [reader][i]Connected to the receiver, configuring
                2018-01-23 17:37:25 | [reader][i]Configured, processing messages
                2018-01-23 17:37:25 | [reader][w]Setting new UTC offset: 0!
                2018-01-23 17:37:26 | [time][i]Synchronizing time via NTP
                2018-01-23 17:38:16 | [time][i]Time synchronized correctly, offset +0.0002 seconds
                2018-01-23 17:38:16 | [main][i]Feed Network client started
                2018-01-23 17:38:16 | [feed][i]Downloading configuration
                Also the check from command line:
                ~ $ sudo fr24feed-status
                [ ok ] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: running.
                [ ok ] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2018-01-23 17:39:24.
                [ ok ] FR24 Link: connected [TCP].
                [ ok ] FR24 Radar: T-EIKY1.
                [ ok ] FR24 Tracked AC: 9.
                [ ok ] Receiver: connected (6764 MSGS/0 SYNC).
                [ ok ] FR24 MLAT: ok [UDP].
                [ ok ] FR24 MLAT AC seen: 9.
                T-EIKY1 | T-EICK1


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                  This is great news.
                  Thanks Marcus for the valuable info and analysis about latest update (1.0.19-6).


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                    Thanks to you, and your team.
                    Thumbs x 3.png


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                      Originally posted by Oblivian
                      I wonder if any of our brain dumps and noted permission/file changes tracking actually helped[emoji14]
                      prob not, but like to think getting a few people back up while waiting wasnt in vein
                      Yes, it did help, as without "permissions and ownership issue" reported and resolved by users with dump1090-mutability ver 1.15 ~dev, the FR24 team will not fix the problem.


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                        Hello everyone,

                        Sorry for the latest disruptions and thanks a lot for your feedback, it is absolutely valuable and helpful!
                        As you see, there are lots of different platforms to support and even automated testing doesn't always find all possible issues. But we are working hard!

                        Regarding NTP or similar issues - we have an RPi unit running Jessie but can't reproduce any issues with running fr24feed as nobody. Could you please provide more details, was the OS somehow modified, e.g. security-wise?


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                          @Oblivian, @abcd567, @mgunther and all others that I haven't mentioned directly, thanks a lot for your help and feedback. It helps immensely. We will continue to make improvements to the software.


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                            Originally posted by Oblivian
                            User here in NZ said he has an untouched unit that self upgraded about UTC 0700 update yesterday, from 18-9 -> 19-2 -> 19.5 with no intervention as far as we are aware, and while his USB unit started OK. the Beast unit has not. And that doesn't even call Dump1090. So unless running the install/update as not sudo somewhere has done it..


                            /edit unless its stretch. That's had some drastic changes and now what RPi consider 'stable' over jessie.
                            This morning (24/01) I woke up and found my fr24feed down again.
                            It had automatically been updated to version 1.0.19-6 at around 06 UTC, time when it went down again !

                            Same problem with permissions but this time I could fix it in 10 minutes.

                            Now itīs back.

                            Updated: 09:15:45 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time)

                            Orange Pi PC Plus + NooElec NESDR SMArt + homemade 6 ele CoCo


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                              Originally posted by hazchem
                              After this problem spent hours formatting and installing version 1.0.18-9 all running fine on my raspberry pi only to find this morning version 1.0.19-6 update has taken me down again another working update is required
                              Do same commands as suggested here please.

                              And does it work when you go
                              sudo service fr24feed stop
                              sudo fr24feed

                              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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                                Additionally to what Oblivian suggested, it would be very helpful to get output of the following commands please:

                                cat /etc/default/dump1090-mutability

                                fr24feed --version

                                cat /var/log/fr24feed/fr24feed.log

                                cat /dev/shm/decoder.txt

                                ls -al /var/log/fr24feed /run/fr24feed /dev/shm/decoder.txt /run/dump1090-mutability /usr/lib/fr24

                                cat /etc/fr24feed.ini | grep -v fr24key

                                ps aufx | grep -e fr24 -e dump1090

                                sudo systemctl status fr24feed

                                /usr/lib/fr24/dump1090 --help 2>&1 | grep dump1090

                                sudo grep -e fr24feed -e dump1090 /var/log/syslog
                                Last edited by vinnyspb; 2018-01-24, 12:19. Reason: added few more commands