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  • Unable to see my feed

    Hello everyone,
    3 days ago I've installed the ADS-B kit at my home airport at Rosh-Pina.
    I'm an ATC and my boss and I Installed the antenna on the top of the ATC Tower.
    Although the status and the statistics shows everything is OK and Online we are unable to see any aircraft at the CTR.
    We know for sure some aircraft did have a mode-s and where transmitting it because we could see them at another places.
    Another strange thing is that while zooming in on the airport on the left side the "data source" shows "0" at the ADS-B.
    For now FR24 don't know what the problem is and don't really think there is one because it's online and show data.
    On the other hand wee don't see any aircraft.
    I've added a picture to show what i'm talking about, the green "+" is the antenna.FR24 problem.jpg
    If anyone has any idea I'll be more than happy to hear it


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    That 'sources' isn't number of feeders, but rather type of aircraft in view.

    And as you aren't seeing any. Displays 0

    Sure you entered the position location in correct format? If it is too far out of aircraft position zone it will ignore.

    Monitor the web output of the feeder to see if all ADSB or mode-s only (mode-s only show only if enough MLAT receivers are in same area)

    http:<address of Pi>:8754
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