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All FR24 software missing on RPi reboot

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  • All FR24 software missing on RPi reboot

    I've been feeding data to Flightradar24 for just over a week now and I've had some real odd behavior from the software. It's installed on an RPi 3 running Raspbian Stretch. I've been developing/supporting Unix for 30 years. The software installed easily and feed data for a few days. Then I needed my SDR for some testing. I halted the system, removed power and then the SDR. When I powered back up with the RTL-SDR, all traces of the FR24 software were gone. I reinstalled and was back running in minutes and fed data for another week. I needed the SDR on another system for a few hours so I halted the RPi, removed the dongle and when I fired it back up with the dongle again all traces, logs, everything FR24 related is missing. What a great feature! What am I missing here? I plan to have it online 24x7 unless I need the SDR for a few hours but I'm not going to reinstall each time. Any suggestions?

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    Certainly not occuring on the multitudes of others out there.

    presumably installed/run as Sudo so it actually writes data rather than run from ram and lost on reboot? And using service loads.

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      I believe I just found the issue while installing another package and rebooting. It seems that the SD card is failing and has entered a Read/Only mode. But the Pi still allows software to be loaded run from a buffer as the Pi tries to write back to the SD card. On reboot the newly installed code is no longer in the buffer. I'll be cloning and replacing my SD card to see if this resolves the issue but since this Pi has been running for years I have no doubt that this could be the case.