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Data Logger with Filter and Alert Scripts

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  • Data Logger with Filter and Alert Scripts

    i've made two short scripts to log dump1090-mutability data to a mysql database and/or sent daily excel email-reports. vou can filter by latitude, longitude, altitude, transponder-code or flight-number what data is written to database and/or triggers alert-email or alert pushover message ...

    you find the scripts on github TomMuc1 - Dump1090-MySQL-Alert-Filter Dump1090-Daily-Aircraft-Report
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    Aggregates Dump1090 messages to a daily report then emails and/or writes log-file and/or writes to MySql database


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      Writes Dump1090-mutability data to MySql database and e-mail/pushover alerts on special events. you can set how often the script writes to database and looks for alert condition. you can specify the area (lat/lon/alt) to be observed and filter for special hex and/or flight numbers. You can globally switch to wildcard-search and then use % as wildcard for missing characters in hex- or flight-text-file. in addition you can set hex/flight filter to operate only within lat/lon/alt limit or within whole range of site


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        here is finally post #4 - as i had to make three posts before posting links ... but it still says 'Sorry Tom10, you are not allowed to post links in the forums. You must have a minimum of 4 posts in order to post links. You currently have 4 posts.' great! obviously it was too hard to count up to three for those who wote the forum code ...
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          Github links: