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Feeding just using shell script

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  • Feeding just using shell script

    I have radar data provided in different formats
    • raw messages in AVR format
    • parsed messages in BaseStation format
    • raw messages in Beast binary format

    and using FR24FeedOSX now but i'm unable to keep my computer up 24/7 (also i need to run it manually every time and press "start feeding" very handy)

    I have router with dd-wrt on board and wonder if it's technically possible to just "redirect" that data w/o changes (or with simple changes doable with grep/awk) to FR24?

    something like

    nc 30002 | nc 30000
    with some kind of auth sure.

    Please point me to description of how fr24 will accept data (if any) before i will dig feeder source code.

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    In January 2017, I have tried feeding Radarbox24 by shell script, as their Linux/RPi Feeder software was not available at that time (their RPi feeder was made available end of April 2017).

    The attempt has failed. I requested their support for help, but they did not provide any help with shell script, and told their RPi client is under prepration and will be released in few months time. I then stopped any further attempts on using shell script.

    You can have a look on the 2 parts of the script I tried and posted in these 2 posts:




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      Originally posted by abcd567 View Post
      In January 2017, I have tried feeding Radarbox24 by shell script
      Thanks for your reply. I'ts interesting.

      I see problem in your script from first link.

      your curl and next nc command not connected with each other. But while basic auth (wikipedia Basic_access_authentication i'm unable to post links) you need to supply auth header in each request. So in your script nc goes without it.

      There are two solutions:
      1) build manually auth header and provide it plain-text in your nc command before actual data e.g

      > (echo Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpPcGVuU2VzYW1l ; nc localhost 30003) | nc remotehost 7878
      (you need to build full and proper headers string here is just dummy example)

      2) provide data from nc to curl. Something like this

      > nc localhost 30003) | curl --user [MY EMAIL]:[MY PASSWORD] airnavsystems:7878 -v --data-binary @-
      (i'm unable to post links so i shorten url to just airnavsystems)

      note that --data-binary option with @- value. It's technic to read from stdin
      Also may be you need to provide other options like --request POST, --no-buffer or any type of --header 'Content-Type: *******'

      I think the last one is slightly simple and requires less dirty work.

      Aslo i want to ask you do you sure they using basic auth? Do you sniff traffic from desktop application? If so, you can see proper headers for curl there.

      And it will be cool if you share with me scripts and services where i can feed my data except FlightAware and FR24


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        Thanks for your valuable comments.
        Since AirNav (Radarbox24) released their Linux client for Raspberry Pi, I lost interest in shell script.

        Yes, I did sniff traffic to Radarbox Windows data feeder to find out details for handshake, as well as the format of output data.


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          Oficial support said that they "don't support that option" and

          Please note that our software is much more complicated than just forwarding data from the hardware to our server. We've tuned it for many years to provide the best data quality possible. Therefore, we are not in the position to offer anyone to forward the data using own software, because in that case we won't be able to provide the service quality we are famous for. In case we detect such attempts, we have to unfortunately block it.

          But i only have router with 196.00 KB free space and dd-wrt on board