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Decide which town to put the receiver

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  • Decide which town to put the receiver

    I just got an RPi setup and started feeding. As I got assigned a T-XXXX66 radar code I assume there is lot of coverage in my area. I could also place the RPi at work which is 35 km away. Antenna conditions will be probably the same. So is there a way to find out where the additonal coverage does more good? (if it does at all, I somewhat suspect there are enough feeders here already, but whatever )

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    I gave it some thought, 34 km probably really doesn't do much of a difference in this area where coverage is already excellent.

    Anyway, it'd be interesting to see a map of receiver density, is that available somewhere?


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      For Flightradar, i'm not sure.

      But you can look at the flightaware coverage map to give you an idea. A lot of flightaware feeders also send data to flightradar.
      Go to flightawares website and click on ADSB and under that there is a Coverage link. (I can't link, too new of an acct.)