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Raspberry PI installation made too easy with extra feature.

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    In addition to the five websites you list, I am now also feeding to OpenSky. I have found a seventh site, called ADSBhub, but the setup for that looks a bit more complicated and may take (me) some more time (when I have time).



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      Thanks for your hard work and effort. Your system worked great for me to start over after all the issues with the updates.
      For us non-technical users, it is a big help to have you and others helps us out. Thanks so much!
      Rock Ridge
      BTW: I did go back in and change some items like the map key to use Bing Road map and terrain limits with range rings using the great instruction by abcd567 at
      I’m still try to get the map display from Nautical Miles to Statute Miles
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        As for the fresh install stopping. It is updating and failing on some checks

        Either manual update required as specified there to install Dump1090.

        Or USB blacklist clear
        #Workaround for Raspbian Stretch
        sudo wget -O /etc/udev/rules.d/rtl-sdr.rules ""
        sudo reboot
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          Another update on this - MLAT was showing as running on FR24 but i was not seeing anything on the map. The logs showed I was feeding back but I couldn't get any info. When I installed Flight Aware that was offline due to timing issues on the processor. Doing some research I came across a similar issue where the Pi firmware would cause this. uname -a showed mine to be on 4.9.35-v7.

          I ran sudo apt-get install rpi-update followed by sudo rpi-update which updated the firmware to 4.9.79-v7+ and rebooted. MLAT has been working ever since and showing tracked aircraft on the map + flightaware mlat status has also been green ever since and mlat stats are now populating.


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            Am I supposed to change to "dvb-t" in the receiver field if that's what I'm using?
            Are all other fields supposed to stay the same? Even the IP? What does it mean 127. and so on.
            I get 0 planes with mine, have tried a new dvb-t and antenna.


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              Thank you for pulling this together I really like the way it pulls everything together, I had been installing manually whilst troubleshooting my setup which turned out to be my rpi model b original couldn’t give enough power over the usb to the dvbt resulting in dump 1090 stopping, a powered usb hub sorted it running almost 24hrs so far

              Quick question, the adsb receiver project have just updated their package, will we be able to update via apt-get or do we need to do a manual update ?

              My memory usage is steadily creeping up, hoping it’s logs to ram which will clear themselves, will see over next day or so.

              Finally is there a way to see total network bandwidth used over a day / week / month ?

              As I said before thanks as your tool saved me lots of time installing all manually, which I had done before to troubleshoot but then wanted to start fresh.


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                Apologies if this is a Dummies101 question. I've been running this configuration for some time on 2 feeder stations but had a microSD card fail on Monday morning during a reboot. My original setup was done on an 8Gb microSD and I have backup images of v1.0.19.15.

                To change to a 16Gb card, do I need to rebuild the software or can I simply burn the 8Gb image to a 16Gb microSD and use raspi-config to expand the partition ?



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                  I have successfully installed and run the ISO on Raspberry Pi v1 B. It is slow(er than R-pi 2/3) but it works reliably.


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                    I have been studying this because my second Pi comes on Saturday. What happens if you have wireless internet?


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                      I'm trying this out and have a stack of questions. Is there a definitive guide? Any videos? I'm seriously worried I'm not going to be able to figure this out.


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                        Originally posted by DeeRadar View Post

                        I'm trying this out and have a stack of questions. Is there a definitive guide? Any videos? I'm seriously worried I'm not going to be able to figure this out.
                        Dear DeeRadar,
                        The first post is right on the money. That is rarely seen and could be called definitive guide. In my experience just follow the steps and you will be fine. If in doubt, start from the top and try again. You do not need to follow last step (setting data sharing to other crowd sourcing web pages) if you do not want to. I did not.
                        Please do write down all the usernames and passwords. If you do not, you will be sorry at some point. I was, and had to start over .

                        No youtube can substitute learning by your own error. Just like H. Ford used to say - failure is an opportunity to learn. When you are done, you will be happy you did it. Have fun.


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                          Thanks Kvisko,

                          Certainly making a stack of errors at the moment...

                          I think there is an issue connecting the Pi to my LAN via an ethernet cable. I have written the .img to the sd card and powered up the pi and the device is not recognised on the network. Is there a possibility to connect via the onboard WiFi? Do you need to edit the .config of the boot media?

                          running it again from the top


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                            Hello David,

                            Thank you for contacting

                            Your Support reference is 229901.

                            That is correct, Pi24 doesn't work with 3b+ at the moment I am afraid. You would need to use Raspbian image and install a decoder and then install fr24 software.
                            Best Regards,

                            So that was the issue...


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                              Is it possible to use the rpi as a custom feed into the OpenADSB iOS app here

                              www adsbexchange com/2018/01/23/ios-app-now-available/

                              It says the app can use any local feed but after trying to put my settings in it doesnít test successfully:-(

                              We had a police helicopter flying around tonight which tracked in the dump1090 page but opening that on iPhone isnít easy and led me to the link above :-) (sorry not enough posts to write link properly)

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                                Hi there,

                                I use the OpenADSB iOS app fairly frequently, and like it very much. For the "local" Track Source, I use http://myRPiHostName.local/dump1090/ as the Base URL.