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Flightradar to ArcGIS Online??

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  • Flightradar to ArcGIS Online??

    Hi: I fear much of the tech talk here is beyond me but hoping for a simple solution. I teach GIS for our local college and to park rangers. I've been making a fire information map for the ongoing fires (October 2017) in Napa & Sonoma counties, CA using ArcGIS Online. Much of the data being published is from servers updated to emergency information (e.g. shelters, fire progress, MODIS hot spots, road closures etc.). In parallel, I've been running flightradar24. Does that come from a GIS server such that I can link the URL to my map? Or is there another way of doing this? Having flight radar would be a great addition to an operational map to show air tankers and where they're working, spotter planes and helicopters doing water drops.

    It may not be possible, but if anyone's got ideas, I'd really appreciate them. Here's my current map:
    [sorry, can't include link in first three posts...]
    Note that it's informational only.

    Many thanks,