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Traffic my receiver is seeing.....

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  • MrMac
    1. Radarview

    2. Install suitable software on your computer like VRS, Dump1090, ADSBscope etc and connect over the network, the FR24 box makes data available on 30003 (Basestation format) and 30334 (Raw Binary Beast format)

    3. There is also a JSON-structure with decoded data at /flights.js (actually this is what Radarview use)

    4. Buy a Raspberry, install ModeSmixer2 on it, connect it to FR24-Rx on port 30334. Add silhouettes and a basestation.sqb database file, then you have a very nice web interface!


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  • Anmer
    As far as I know, the only option to "see" the traffic from your FR24 receiver is to use RadarView. You can set a different colour for local traffic and view a list of aircraft being tracked.

    RadarView is a map option on the FR24 website. You must login to see it.

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  • Steve_KNEL1
    started a topic Traffic my receiver is seeing.....

    Traffic my receiver is seeing.....

    Greetings all,

    I have hosted a FR24 provided receiver since 2013. The receiver is a FR24 branded Radarcape unit.

    How can I see the aircraft my unit is receiving ?
    The current version of the Radarcape receiver has a built in web browser that displays a map with current traffic.

    Does the FR24 branded unit allow the same function ?

    I can to connect to the receiver from my network, but no webpage is available. the only thing that displays is info about the box.

    Thank you all in advance.