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fr24 from RTL1090 feeding issue

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  • fr24 from RTL1090 feeding issue

    Hi Guys,
    I have been feeding data to FR24 for the last 18 months or so, using a RTL1090 dongle on a PC with Windows 10 operating system, a Windows update has shut my PC down have tried always to recover without success.
    I have installed the RTL 1090 dongle onto a second PC everything works OK and recieves data and sets up on Virtual Radar.
    The issue I now have is using and setting up the FR24 feeder software, have got the latest Windows FR24 feeder software installed.
    In the set up it excepts my email login going through to enter COM port this I input as 31001 which relates to the dongle, I have a return Entered device 2, does not seem like a valid COM port.

    Help Please.

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    Should not be entering com port. This is for serial connected devices like a Mode-S Beast...

    BEAST TCP or AVR TCP is required and a local IP ports (which were noted in the thread you originally posted in)

    FR24 RAW: 30002 (DVBT) / 30334(other hardware)
    FR24 BS: 30003
    FR24 SBS: 20072
    RTL1090 Raw out: 31001
    RTL1090 BS out: 31004
    Kinetic Basestation:
    RAW out: 30006
    BS out: 30003
    SDR: 30005
    AIS: 30007
    SBS3 'standalone' mode: 10001, 30006
    Dump1090 AVR Raw out: 30002
    Dump1090 Beast out (if enabled): 30005
    Dump1090 BS out: 30003
    Dump1090 in: 30001 *
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      I've not had a chance to use rtl1090 with the latest incarnation of the feeder (it has been known to have a lower output rate) but you may need to change the format of the output in settings from rtl1090 to beast while continuing to use 31001

      If I recall there are 5 different modes available and it's likely the default is unknown.

      Also test in the browser http://localhost:31001 to ensure you actually have data out enabled.

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        On the new config setup I have set the DVBT as my receiver, it then configures with yes/no for com ports, if you type in no it will not give option to change raw input to 31001, so I have gone along with yes on config installation.
        This has all installed when I run the console it shows my dongle receiver dvbt connected.

        This is the Console Display

        Console Display is on localhost8754/index.html

        Flight Radar24 Feeder/Decoder

        FR24 Link: Connected via UDP
        FR24 Radar Code: T-EGGP34
        Aircraft Tracked (Modes & ADS-B: 0
        Aircraft Uploaded: N/A
        Receiver: dvbt, connected
        MLAT running : N/A

        On the localhost 8754 its not showing any tracked aircraft.

        I have done a localhost test on localhost 31001 it shows the data been released.
        When I check FR24 Website My data sharing it shows offline.?
        Virtual Radar receives and shows data.

        Hope you can help.


        Chris Donovan


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          First you said you are using RTL1090 fine

          Now you say you are using FR24feed set as DVBT

          Confused, are you using the PROGRAM RTL1090, or just a USB stick you are calling 'a RTL 1090'

          If you mean the app, You cannot have both programs set as DVBT as both use the USB port exclusively depending on which you open first. And the other will fail. Badly

          So helping at this point without knowing further is hard. You have to pick a flow of data method, and stick to it while building on it 1 by 1

          Either RTL1090 is your primary application using USB, with FR24 and all other apps feeding off the local IP port. (which can be specifically configured)
          Or FR24feed is your primary USB device, and all others using the data out ports (which are totally different) it can produce

          You have to take a step back, and actually get it working with _1_ decoder app setup. Which you can adjust using the configuration page you have already located

          And then start to configure for other programs to hang off it. Here is an example of how confusing it can be:

          This method is not advised as data quality may not be optimized for FR24 use - Dump1090 has similar web server display capability

          If you run RTL1090 this will already have exclusive control of the USB port
          - FR24feed will also want access if you choose 'DVBT' in configuration
          - RTL1090 will open port 31001, 31004 OUT, 31002 IN when launched.

          Example Configuration:
          Receiver: AVR-TCP
          Source: localhost:31001
          BS & RAW: OFF

          If the format is not recognised (Beast Binary) or other software requires strict AVR - you can over-ride with RTL1090.exe /AVR

          Other applications can connect to RAW/AVR on 31001. Or Basestation format on 31004

          9-2-16 Added RTL1090 info
          14-3-16 added more regarding VRS
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            Thank you for Patience,

            Got it all working, I was running the RTL1090 software from Jetvision and trying to run the FR24 feeder decoder at the same time.
            So in the FR24 feeder set up I selected item 1 which is the DVB-T, logged in with my mail address and key, selected Yes on all request, rebooted FR24 feeder and its working showing on line on FR24 Website.
            It now shows tracked aircraft on the localhost 8754 and locahost 31001.

            Many thanks


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              If I'm understanding your setup right based on descriptions - One will possibly error out again shortly.

              In most cases, 1 has to be DVB/USB, and everything else has to be AVR (or similar via) TCP

              The yes/no questions can change between versions and have recently started automatic detection of some settings so saying you have answered them one or the other isn't too clear how it is now configured without replicating all the additional VRS and RTL settings exactly

              What is odd, is if running just FR24feed, 31001 is not an active open port. Which indicates RTL1090 still is (and possibly fighting depending on configuration)

              - You shouldn't be setting up the feeder each time/try, but while running using the graphical interface on :8754 'settings' to make changes. (And ensure only one of them is setup with USB settings)
              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers