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London Gatwick (LGW) Reduced feeder coverage

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  • London Gatwick (LGW) Reduced feeder coverage

    Sorry if this has been picked up / discussed in another thread, I have searched without success.

    I have noticed over the last few weeks / months that the ground coverage at LGW has been severely reduced. Normally the only major dead spot was at the eastern end of the taxiway adjacent to runway 8L, now it is extremely patchy all over the airport.

    Does anyone have any information on this, is it a known issue?

    A large part of the enjoyment with FR24 is the ability to track / follow the A/C from the stand to takeoff, even in 3D, which is a blast!

    Very many thanks, thePM

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    The answer is in the FAQs:

    Last week Flightradar24 had coverage in my area, but not any more. Why?

    Flightradar24 is a network of receivers around the world. Some receivers are online 24/7 and others are only online from time to time. There are many reasons why a receiver could be offline. There can be a technical problem with the receiver, antenna, or Internet connection. There is also a possibility that the owner of the receiver has closed down their receiver. With over 13,000 receivers connected to the network, Flightradar24 cannot tell why different receivers are offline, and when they will be back online. If you want to ensure coverage in your area, see 'How can I increase coverage in my area?' above to learn about hosting a receiver.

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      Mike, many thanks for your reply. I completely understand the general terms of your generic statement.

      I am just putting it out there to anyone who may have some detailed information specific to LGW.

      I am located many miles away from LGW on the south coast of England, so I am unable to be a feeder for that area.

      Very many thanks, thePM.


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        With a quick look at the radar names showing I would guess EGKK2 is down. The stats page has it as run by "Pagex37" if that helps.


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          Elljay, very many thanks for your reply.

          Okay, that would certainly explain why there is reduced coverage. Can I ask how you were able to check which radar was down, then I can check myself in the future.

          Cheers, thePM

          EDIT: - Elljay, Okay, I have found the stats page, so I can check for my self now. Many thanks.
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            Hi, I live close to LGW so I'm used to seeing F-EGKK2 on the ground traffic. There's a very useful stats page here ( run by Patrick1501 which gives feeder history. Sometimes it doesn't seem to download the full data so there are occasional days missing. F-EGKK1 and 2 seem to be reporting normal stats and have been for days but still not seeing much ground traffic which is odd. I'll send a question to the FR24 support email and ask if something changed...


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              Many thanks for your reply. The link is very useful and as you say, F-EGKK1 & 2 appear to reporting quite normally.

              It may well be that there is some new building or structure that has appeared which is shadowing their aerials, or the aerials have been moved to a different location which shields them from the lower traffic.

              Anyway, kudos for contacting FR24 support, hopefully they will contact the radar operator(s) to see what has occurred.

              Many thanks, thePM


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                A very speedy reply from FR24 support to say: Thanks for reporting this. The station seems to be working normally, but we'll keep an eye out on the area, if there are offline receivers which could be affecting the amount of tracked aircraft. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all receivers will be online at all times.


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                  Many thanks, thePM