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Importance and degree of feeder accuracy for MLAT

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  • Importance and degree of feeder accuracy for MLAT

    So I had to perform a fresh reinstall on a Pi3 system over the weekend, and thankfully everything seems to be up and working again. (I think? I hope?!)

    A quick sudo fr24feed status reveals my my MLAT preconfigured details as below.

    [mlat][i]Starting MLAT with preconfigured position: 56.50,-3.01,344.0

    I'm assuming this relates to a latitude of 56.50 Longitude of -3.01 and altitude of 344ft.

    A quick recheck of the receivers position via GPS suggested my Lat/Lon was;

    302ft (AMSL)

    Whilst Lat/Lon remained consistent on remeasuring, the height (ft AMSL) varied quite a bit between two devices by around 30ft. My Fenix 5 GPS sports watch (with barometric, GPS/GLONASS sensors) reported 320ft AMSL and my Samsung S7 remained reasonably consistent at around 302ft.

    I have two queries really;

    Is the degree of variation from the existing MLAT preconfigured position/feed and recent remeasuring worth notifying support to update?
    Is the variation, particularly the altitude, much of an issue? I guess this device with barometric sensors will be more accurate?