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Why isn't my FR24 being selected ?

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  • SoCalBrian
    It's also explained on this thread.

    Thread: How is feed data chosen by FR24

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  • Oblivian
    It's undisclosed. But somewhat random.

    And the code shown on the site does not mean your data isn't used. It will be.

    Most likely explanation we can get is it means there are more than 2 uploaders and the database update at the time reports a different one to yours, and instead of flicking back and forth hangs onto it to display instead of constant screen updates.

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  • ricardogerassi
    started a topic Why isn't my FR24 being selected ?

    Why isn't my FR24 being selected ?

    What is the criteria FR24 servers choose a FR24 receiver to use ? I am noticing that the receiver I have installed at home isn't being used often by FR24, although it's fully operational since I can check it's running on it's local page and also track how far planes can be tracked using VirtualRadar.

    My station is a FlightRadar 24 receiver: F-SBFI2. It seems that F-SBFI2 is not used as a data source much often.

    Any insights will be much appreciated.

    Thank you