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My New Project Idea: A Talking Flightradar24 Filter

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  • My New Project Idea: A Talking Flightradar24 Filter

    My Idea (the story): Shortly after I married my wife and opted to live in her home, I have noticed that a variety of aircraft flies over and nearby. When I asked her brother (my brother-in-law), whom was working at NAIA ATC about the aircraft flying over and nearby, he told me that we're on the flightpaths of many flights from NAIA. My wife's sister (my sister-in-law) has been an airline travel agent for decades and is quickly able to identify commercial airliners just by looking at the aircraft's tail. -- Then in 2015, I discovered an agency, called Flightradar24 and then, purchased Flightradar24 Pro for my Android. -- Within a year later, I discovered that there is a "Filter" feature available, and new profounded idea was invented... I wanted to be alerted of any aircraft nearby my home...

    However, back in July 2016, Flightradar24 Support told me (via E-Mail) "Unfortunately, it's not possible to select all aircraft, as it needs to be filterd either by aircraft type, registration or airline. So you'll need to create either a filter for each of the aircraft type that usually fly over your home, or for the airline that frequently fly in the area."

    A couple of days ago, my SDR USB dongles arrived and one is now fully operational on my BeagleBone Black A5B using the latest FR24 Feeder intended for Raspberry Pi.

    Today, while looking at the web output of dump1090, I figure that my original idea can become "true" since I don't see a similar feature with any available Flightradar24 application for Android and/or computer web browser.

    Since my headless BeagleBone Black is running my SpeakJet Cape (hardware-based speech synthesizer), my upgraded idea is now to be told what airliner is flying by my home, automatically. I figure having a ADS-B "reception zone" of 2 kilometers is good enough for my project. That will allow me to lay on my bed with my eyes closed and hearing my BeagleBone Black announce which airliner, if know, if flying nearby. This would eliminate the need to use "AR view" after running outside and upstairs to my 3rd floor. My secondary project will be to automatically turn on my radio scanner to NAIA Approach/Departure channel for me to hear pilot-ATC communications.

    Presently, I don't know how to do this project, nor which app to focus on, whether it is dump1090 or fr24feed. Though I am already a veteran programmer, I would think this would be a easy project, however, I am still a newbie to ADS-B technology.

    Hopefully my project idea does not cause any legal issue as my intention to is hear "mostly useless info" for personal reasons.

    Does anyone here know of any current software applications to do the "job" so I won't have to re-invent the wheel? Otherwise, I plan to start a new GitHub project.

    Thanks in Advance!

    FR24 Pro: October 28, 2015 FR24 Silver: April 16, 2017 FR24 Feeder: June 8. 2017 (Radar: T-RPLL24)
    My 20 Years of Linux Experiences: July 21, 2017 (Philippines-USA-Philippines)