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FR24 + Aver Volar Black HD A850

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  • FR24 + Aver Volar Black HD A850

    I would like to build my own with Raspberry. I can't find out if my dvb-t could work correctly. I have AVerTV Volar Black HD A850 for potencional use. Any tips?

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    There is not enough information. But it's doubtful.

    Needs a particular firmware before Linux will even detect it, which usually indicates a specialist chipset optimised for tv use only by manufacturer

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      Unless it uses a Realtex RT2382U chip and a compatible tuner (ie E4000 or R820T and similar), no.

      As Oblivian said, not enough information to find out. Best you can do is plug it in and query it with lsusb. If you don't yet have a linux machine, try looking at the driver manager in windows or buy a raspberry pi, set it up and try it. Worst case, you'll have to buy another SDR.

      In practice, the FlightAware orange or blue dongles (the blue has a bandpass filter in it) tend to work better than any other SDR anyway because they're design specifically for ADS-B, and they're not expensive.

      You'll potentially spend more on a decent antenna, unless you decided to try for making your own (as many of us have.)