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dump1090-mutability offline map?

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  • dump1090-mutability offline map?


    i am using dump1090-mutability 1.15 (see Post 10232-How-to-Install-dump1090-mutability_1-15-dev-on-RPi) on my raspberryPi and i would like to see a map even when i am offline.

    Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance
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    Additional Question:

    When i supply my raspberryPi with an internet-connection the map shown in the browser is loading properly. BUT when i connect to my RPi via WIFI with my laptop or smartphone (Android) and open the dump1090/gmap.html the map is not loading properly (i can only see the table with the flights and the planes moving on a white surface)!

    => Can someone please tell me what i have to do to see the map when connecting with another device to my RaspberryPi?

    I already added a Bing Maps Key on my RaspberryPi.


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      You MUST be ONLINE (i.e. have INTERNET connected) to load the map from OPenStreet or BingMaps, else you will see a white page with planes.

      If you cannot see map even when online, try after clearing browser cache.

      On Android: Browser Settings -> Privacy -> Delete Personal Data -> Place check mark beside cache and remove all other check marks, and click Delete. Now reload map page.

      On Windows Laptop: Ctrl+shift+delete, place check mark beside Cache and remove all other check marks, click Clear button. Now hard reload the map page by Ctrl+F5
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