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Top Radar but no Radar recognition

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  • Top Radar but no Radar recognition

    Dear FR community

    I have learned from the FR24 Support team how and when a Radar is visible in the FR24 App. It seems not to be a question of “how many airplanes have been tracked” It is rather a question of how fast how actual the reported dates are. If another radar reports a more actual data’s this radar will be listed in the app.

    Nevertheless, I have a question: I live in the region of Zurich Airport – and we have quite a lot of radars in our region (LSZH). Since some weeks we have a new “hero radar” in our region – T-LSZH10 – rated in top 50 radars by having a max. range of 325 and an average range of 147. Although this seems to be a very good radar, I don’t see any airplanes tracked by this radar. Far away we have another radar (T-LSZH22) ranked on place 7000 worldwide and place 45 within the LSZH group. But this radar is listed all the time for several airplanes.

    My question is, why a top radar is not listed while another radar is represented all the time. This is also the case for my radar – I haven’t seen any airplanes tracked by my radar. Could it be that my Hardware is slow (RaPi)? I have a very fast Internet Access and the RaPi is connected by LAN cable and not WLAN.

    Maybe you have an idea.

    Best regards

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    Most aircraft over Europe are tracked by 50+ receivers, so which one is shown is more or less random.