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Travelling with Pi, so new location often..How does it work?

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  • Travelling with Pi, so new location often..How does it work?


    I set my Pi up feedng to FR24 from my home. I want to take this travelling with my so how does it work if I just turn it on say from mainland europe? Do I need to run some sort of set up each time?


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    It's not that simple.

    The system is designed for static location feeding. So when you sign up and it asks for the different GPS locations, it not only fixes that for MLAT calculations. But also filtering outside your zone errors. And finding the closest airport

    Moving your feeder around then skews the MLAT data, and will also ignore what is uploaded as it falls outside the account/feeder 'home' location too much.

    If you want to see what is around in your area when away, you are best to turn off the feeder(s) and use something like the Dump1090 Map only. So it is pure local cover viewing only.
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      OK so I think the simplist think would be another SD card with an install for the other location linked to a different account.


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        Unless its an area that is currently lacking constant coverage and for an extended period of time, theres probably not a lot of advantage/point going to all the work to do so.
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          Very simple to install a new SD so will give it a go as have some spare SD cards.

          What's the best way to display the aircraft registration the dump output obviously only shows the hex values.

          Is there a map of current online stations?


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            It is a good idea to use multiple SD cards, each configured for a different location.

            However, if you face a situation where you dont have another SD card configured for a particular location, an alternative is to use existing SD card, and "signup" again with new location's latitude & latitude.

            This requires that:
            (1) You are able to access your Pi through hotel's WiFi, and able to SSH to the Pi using your laptop/tablet/phone.
            (2) You should have handy your email, sharing key, current location's latitude & longitude, before starting the signup process.

            pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo fr24feed --signup
            Step 1.1 - Enter your email address (username@domain.tld)
            Step 1.2 - If you used to feed FR24 with ADS-B data before enter your sharing key.
            If you don't remember your sharing key, pelase use the retrival form:
            Otherwise leave this field empty and continue.
            Verifying sharing key...OK
            Step 1.3 - Would you like to participate in MLAT calculations? (yes/no)$:yes
            IMPORTANT: For MLAT calculations the antenna's location should be entered very precise!
            Step 3.A - Enter antenna's latitude (DD.DDDD)
            Step 3.B - Enter antenna's longitude (DDD.DDDD)
            Step 3.C - Enter antenna's altitude above the sea level (in feet)
            Using latitude: xx.xxxx, longitude: yy.yyyy, altitude: zzzft above sea level
            We have detected that you already have a dump1090 instance running. We can therefore automatically configure the FR24 feeder to use existing receiver configuration, or you can manually configure all the parameters.
            Would you like to use autoconfig (*yes*/no)$:yes
            Step 6A - Please select desired logfile mode:
             0 -  Disabled
             1 -  48 hour, 24h rotation
             2 -  72 hour, 24h rotation
            Select logfile mode (0-2)$:0
            Step 6B - Please enter desired logfile path (/var/log):
            Submitting form data...OK
            Congratulations! You are now registered and ready to share ADS-D data with Flightradar24.
            + Your radar id is T-AAAAAA, please include it in all email communication with us.
            + Please make sure to start sharing data within the next 3 days as otherwise your ID/KEY will be deleted.
            Thank you for supporting Flightradar24! We hope that you will enjoy our Premium services that will be available to you when you become an active feeder.
            To start sending data now please execute:
            sudo service fr24feed start
            Saving settings to /etc/fr24feed.ini...OK
            Settings saved, please run "sudo service fr24feed restart" to use new configuration.
            pi@raspberrypi:~ $
            Now restart fr24feed
            pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo service fr24feed restart
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