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Multiple feeding on RPi

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    Originally posted by wb0rur View Post
    ....However, this time when I "customized the dump1090 gmap, instead of the signal strength in the RSSI column which I added, I am seeing the letters "RSSI" there (instead of the signal strength numbers). I guess I must have fat fingered something? I've re-edited it a couple times with the same results. What am I missing?
    You have not mentioned it, but It seems that you are referring to method in Post #10 of thread "How to Install dump1090-mutability 1-15-dev-on-RPi".

    Try Clear browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) and Reload Browser (Ctrl+F5).
    If above does not solve the problem then:

    (1) Do NOT type, instead COPY-PASTE the lines of code to be added.

    (2) You have to add 4 lines of codes at 4 different locations as shown in red color. Check to make sure you added all the 4 lines, and at correct locations.
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      A lot of what is here is old information. Here's what I am doing with my RPi 3B in January, 2020 to feed 3 sites: FA, FR24 and ADSBx.

      Install FlightAware first. Also install dump1090-fa from their install page:
      Do all of the commands in black boxes. Then, when it is running, go claim your feeder.

      Then install FR24 from this page:
      with this command: sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"

      When it says it cannot find dump1090, don't worry. Later it will find it. When it asks for automatic finish, say YES. It will connect up with dump1090-fa.

      Then install ADSBx with the script method from this page:

      sudo apt-get install git
      git clone
      cd adsb-exchange
      chmod +x
      sudo ./

      I stopped there. I assume it is feeding ADSBx. They are quite tight lipped about your feeder statistics.

      Mike Morrow


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        I stopped there. I assume it is feeding ADSBx. They are quite tight lipped about your feeder statistics.
        Will show if you are connected and feeding.

        Sync Status:
        Find your Region and look for your feeder

        Beta STATS:
        Go to Step 2 if you already installed ADSBx.

        Link to the aircraft being uploaded on the "myip" page along with a map viewer of just your aircraft.


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          The automatic detection by FR24 uses AVR instead of the beast protocol.
          This option doesn't work reliably for some reason and you won't be able to do FR24 MLAT.

          After installing FR24, just run this script, it will correct the FR24 settings to beast:

          This can also fix the case when you have for whatever reason chosen DVB-T when installing FR24.

          In case you want an automatic gain adjustment and a choice in webinterface, this does the trick:

          Components are also installable individually if dump1090-fa is installed.