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  • Trying to improve reporting

    Are there any tweaks in configuration that will improve the number of positions/flights I actually report to FR24 and are acknowledged? I am certainly tracking many more aircraft vis a vis Dump1090 than my FR24 statistics show. I wonder if I am sending data to frequently or infrequently, something like that.

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    At lot of the time its because the displayed ones are 'held onto' for continuity in standard data display apps. In bad signal spots it will wait 5-10 seconds for another data burst. So you get overlapping info that doesn't actually exist still listed in the list with a timeout limit not reached. As a result, FR24 have undisclosed parameters to follow to ensure the contacts do not dance on screen. It will require a solid signal for a period of time we suspect.

    Normal ADSB sends 2 packets a second. As you can imagine, even in 3 seconds a lot of positional/data info can be missed. So its analysed, bundled, sent.
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      I would like to add my question which goes in the same direction: In October 2016 after having positioned my antenna on top of the roof I was very proud about the reported aircraft. The chart showed me day by day more reported aircrafts and during some weeks I have reached a maximum of 3'000 aircrafts per day.

      But after having reached this peek the chart line went down and down and in bad days I see now less than 1500 aircrafts.

      Bild 1 - FR24.jpg

      Bild 2 - FR24.jpg

      I agree that depending on seasonality we have probably more or less aircrafts in my region but I reach now about half of the number I had three months ago.

      Do I have an issue with the Hardware (RaPi, Antenna, etc.) or what could be the reason of this decrease of tracked airplanes?

      Thanks in advance for your feedback and view.


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        It's definitely seasonal - I made some improvements per the comments but you can see definite summer increase / winter decrease. There was a definite drop when the winter timetables came in in November...


        Other than the obvious of checking the aerial is still attached; the cables are all plugged in and the log file doesn't contain errors I'd wait for next summer.