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Flightaware vs Flightradar 24

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  • Flightaware vs Flightradar 24

    Hello everyone:

    I have a Flightfeeder from Flightaware and it is ok so far; i use this to broadcast to FR24 as well but i'm no sure if im getting MLAT.

    There is a way to get MLAT from FR24 and Flightaware at the same time?


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    I feed data to, and also participate in MLAT for:
    (1) Flightradar 24
    (2) Flightaware (get malat results feed back and mlat planes are displayed on dump1090 map)
    (3) Adsbexchange (get malat results feed back and mlat planes are displayed on dump1090 map)

    However, I do NOT use any proprietary receiver. I use:
    (1) Generic DVB-T black (RTL2832U+R820T) and Orange Pi PC
    (2) Flightaware Pro Stick (RTL2832U+R820T with built-in rf pre-amplifier) + Filter and Raspberry Pi

    DVB-T_large.jpg 26628693780_a6ae4a30b4_z.jpg Pi-1 and Pi-2.jpg
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      Please check your FR24 settings in Web Browser
      (1) http://<IP of Receiver>:8754 . It will show "MLAT RUNNING: YES"
      (2) http://<IP of Receiver>:8754/settings.html . It will show "MLAT: YES"

      FR24 status 1.png FR24 settings.png
      The steps in red color show how I configured Flightradar24 MLAT

      ~$ sudo fr24feed --signup

      Welcome to the FR24 Decoder/Feeder sign up wizard!

      Before you continue please make sure that:

      1 - Your ADS-B receiver is connected to this computer or is accessible over network
      2 - You know your antenna's latitude/longitude up to 4 decimal points and the altitude in feet
      3 - You have a working email address that will be used to contact you
      4 - fr24feed service is stopped. If not, please run: sudo service fr24feed stop

      To terminate - press Ctrl+C at any point

      Step 1.1 - Enter your email address (username@domain.tld)

      Step 1.2 - If you used to feed FR24 with ADS-B data before enter your sharing key.
      If you don't remember your sharing key, pelase use the retrival form:

      Otherwise leave this field empty and continue.

      Verifying sharing key...OK

      Step 1.3 - Would you like to participate in MLAT calculations? (yes/no)$:yes

      IMPORTANT: For MLAT calculations the antenna's location should be entered very precise!

      Step 3.A - Enter antenna's latitude (DD.DDDD)

      Step 3.B - Enter antenna's longitude (DDD.DDDD)

      Step 3.C - Enter antenna's altitude above the sea level (in feet)

      Using latitude: 43.5xxx, longitude: -79.6xxx, altitude: 4xxft above sea level

      We have detected that you already have a dump1090 instance running. We can therefore automatically configure the FR24 feeder to use existing receiver configuration, or you can manually configure all the parameters.

      Would you like to use autoconfig (*yes*/no)$:yes

      Step 6A - Please select desired logfile mode:
      0 - Disabled
      1 - 48 hour, 24h rotation
      2 - 72 hour, 24h rotation
      Select logfile mode (0-2)$:0

      Step 6B - Please enter desired logfile path (/var/log):

      Submitting form data...OK

      Congratulations! You are now registered and ready to share ADS-D data with Flightradar24.
      + Your radar id is T-CYYZxx, please include it in all email communication with us.
      + Please make sure to start sharing data within the next 3 days as otherwise your ID/KEY will be deleted.

      Thank you for supporting Flightradar24! We hope that you will enjoy our Premium services that will be available to you when you become an active feeder.

      To start sending data now please execute:
      sudo service fr24feed start

      Saving settings to /etc/fr24feed.ini...OK
      Settings saved, please run "sudo service fr24feed restart" to use new configuration.

      ~$ sudo service fr24feed restart
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