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C.H.I.P. + DVBT to upload data

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  • C.H.I.P. + DVBT to upload data

    Hi everyone,
    Yesterday I received a C.H.I.P. that is a 9$ computer (go google it can't post links as I am new on forum)
    It have one USB port and OS behind is based on Debian so I wondered is it capable of running FR24 software?
    It has WiFi on board so no need for Ethernet, only plug power (and it can run parallel with battery like UPS) in and it can stay on roof no need for long ethernet cables.

    Still didn't have time to get my hands full on it just wondering is someone tried it before on other platforms?

    I am too much busy with work, but if I make it will post results.

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    Yes, I have tried it.
    The C.H.I.P. Board cannot feed power required by DVB-T dongle, and crashes after running few minutes. You will need to use a powered USB hub. See details here:

    $9 Computer Board C.H.I.P.

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      Many thanks for the info.
      i was really excited about it so it was little disappointing to read about power problems, I will try to bypass it via Pin Headers. I have good 5V 2,5 A power supply stable and filtered.