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Fixed IP issue in FR24 Receiver

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  • Fixed IP issue in FR24 Receiver

    Hi, I hope this is the correct forum to post this, and sorry for my english.

    Today I was fixing some things in my Local Network, and, without noticing, I put a fixed IP in the receiver, but in the format of, with a leading zero in the last octet.

    Well, now the receiver is unreachable, my AP shows me the MAC address but no IP, how can be possible a simple issue like that happens? I mean, it's simple to fix it in the software, isn't it?

    I already contact support, is anything more I can do?


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    Mhhh, as there is no other reply to your request up to now, I'll try.

    Some issues of your posting are not clear enough for me to understand. Therefore, please allow some questions.

    1) First of all, I assume, that you try to feed FR24 with data. Did you already successfully feed FR24 in the past without a fixed IP address?

    2) What kind of receiver? DVBT-stick?

    3) Is the receiver directly connected to a DSL modem, or to a computer, or how exactly?

    4) You posted "I put a fixed IP in the receiver". I have no particular experience with that. However, my own configuration here is as follows:
    -> a DSL modem connected "to the internet" (telecom provider)
    -> a notebook and a Raspberry PI connected to the DSL modem
    -> a DVBT-stick connected to the Raspberry PI (this feeds FR24 with data)
    In the DSL modem (!) I gave the Raspberry PI a fixed IP address (here in order to have a comfortable access from my notebook to the Raspberry PI.
    This is my LAN configuration. Please post your LAN configuration a bit more specific.

    5) You posted "now the receiver is unreachable". Well, maybe, due to the leading zero(es) in the last octet. But: Why don't you just overwrite your with 192.168.0.XX - i.e. without the leading zero(es)? Is that not possible?

    So many questions. Please excuse. I'm willing to help, but I need further information. Kind regards, -Wolli-


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      Connect your box to pc over lan
      In pc's lan connection set static ip or similar.
      Then open browser and type 192.168.0xx- ip of fr24 box
      In network settings change ip to valid one for your router. Without zero.
      Reboot box using reboot option. Power off.
      Connect box to router, antenna, gps......etc.
      Power on

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