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  • FR24 antenna question

    I have a Austin Ferret 8 scanner antenna the range is 25mhz-1.8ghz that is 65 feet in the air would this antenna work good for FR24? What if I hook up a 1090mhz ADS-B band pass filter would that help get good reception?

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    Possibly. 1090 (1.09) is the ADSB frequency

    HOWEVER, with such a broad range the antenna won't nearly be as optimised. And possibly not using high gain cable. Both of these may only bring a filtered signal in line with a low quality antenna regardless
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      G'day Nick223

      I'm of the view that you might be struggling a little with this plan. Looking at the specs of the Ferret (I don't own or operate one) it seems from the reviews to be an excellent antenna for its designed purpose (it's actually an array of center fed 1/2 wave elements and can be used to transmit or receive) and certainly a far better design than my old discone for scanning various frequency ranges. However the reception range of the section of the Ferret at the frequency you're looking at (1090MHz) appears to be from 900MHz to 1200MHz and if you're planning on using something like the Flightaware 1090MHz filter (which I have and use) has a pass range from 980MHz to 1150MHz so I think you'll see a possible issue there at either end depending on what is being transmitted in your locality at those frequencies- there may not be much so that's something only you can decide if it's likely to be an issue. I'm not certain of its impedance either or that of your cable/s so that may be another issue.

      You might be far better off with a dedicated tuned 1090MHz antenna (whether home-brew or commercially purchased- I've made and used two home-brews suggested on this forum and found them to be quite good) and good quality low loss cable rather than this approach. Their efficiency alone is much greater than your proposal. There's a fair bit of room for stray noise and/or harmonics and the like to be picked up and remain unfiltered with your planned method. If the reviews are correct and it's such a great antenna it'll pull in so much noise that leaving it unfiltered just isn't an option. Your poor little ADS-B receiver will likely have a hernia. By all means give it a go, filtered, particularly if you already own the antenna and using something like a multi-coupler, but if working from scratch I'd recommend the other approach. For me it's akin to trying to catch a little flathead with a hook designed for a shark.

      As Oblivian says, you might get away with it but the quality may indeed suffer somewhat.

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