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Raspberry Pi + Hauppauge 900 + FR24

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  • Oblivian
    If it is a true TV tuner, it may not have the right frequency range to work as a SDR. They are usually locked for better signal or have the wrong chipset. SDR apps require a Realtek 802T set

    According to Dr Google, yours does not
    Based on:
    Empiatech Em2880 usb bridge
    Xceive XC3028 tuner and analog IF demodulator
    Zarlink DVB-T demodulator (in original model 65008) or Micronas drx397x DVB-T demodulator (newer model 65018)
    I suggest reading the raw output using the commands suggested here

    To see full output to confirm.

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  • Riobob
    started a topic Raspberry Pi + Hauppauge 900 + FR24

    Raspberry Pi + Hauppauge 900 + FR24

    Hi guys, this is my first post.

    I am setting up my Rapsberry Pi using my old Hauppauge 900 DVBT stick. On the status page (xx.xx.xx.xx:8754) it shows as running but no planes are seen. The MLAT is also stated as NO. When logging into flightradar24 it shows as OFFLINE and no data is received however the time counts as uptime so somehow I am online.

    Is this because my USB stick is outdated? Or do I need to install some drivers? I'm a relative n00b with RasPi.

    The new sticks are cheap so I can just buy one of those but on the other hand if my old one works then...

    Thanks in advance!