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Accessing flight destination from data collected by dump1090?

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  • Accessing flight destination from data collected by dump1090?

    Hi there,

    I have just set up a raspberry pi with a USB dongle and dump1090. I have created a little app with a mini screen that displays details about the closest flight overhead (calculated via lat/lon coordinates and the haversine formula).

    While I am doing this, I am also going to set it up to upload the data to flightradar24 as the data is available and this is such a useful website.

    My question is, is there a way to find out the origin and destination airport for a flight via an API?

    I appreciate the reasons why FR24 won't release their data via an API, spotted in another post on this forum. Does anyone know of an alternative service I can use to get this information?

    I only want the three-letter code for the airport (e.g. LHR) given a callsign (e.g. BAW364)

    Any tips greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    I'll answer my own question, might be of use to others in future...

    Flight route data can be downloaded free from a website called _virtualradarserver_

    This will help translate a flight callsign such as `BAW,364` to its origin and destination: `EGLL-LFLL`

    Further information about these airports can then be retrieved from data downloaded from a website called _ourairports_

    This helps translate the airport code such as `EGLL` to its physical location: `LHR (EGLL), London Heathrow Airport - London, England, United Kingdom`

    Hope that will help others.


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      Correct but you will need to edit routes from time to time 'cos routes are changing seasonally

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