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No ADS-B time reference available

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  • No ADS-B time reference available

    I'm seeing this in my logs since about 10AM BST:

    2016-10-06 14:50:00 | [mlat][i]No ADS-B time reference available (0/0)
    2016-10-06 14:50:00 | [mlat][i]Pinging the server

    A restart cured it for about five minutes but now it's back. Is it something at the FR24 end?


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      I have the same problem. See Details in my recent posting:


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        Hi, for me I hadn't made any config changes and the issue magically went away on it's own the next day. From the log file you posted on the other thread I would guess your issue is also at the FR24 end (based on "could not ping MLAT server").


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          Hi elljay, I also didn't make changes, up to now. Maybe my problem will also go away "from alone". I performed the migration on recent Friday morning (28-oct), so maybe the FR24-guys have to adjust something additionally manually in their server configs to let them "allow" me to send them MLAT data - who knows? Some things are surely a FR24 business secret. Well, we will see. Kind regards, -Wolli-


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            My feeder is running now without errors for a week now, as I posted here.

            Main problem for my feeder was the error message "[mlat][w]Could not ping MLAT server, [...]". As the ping is working now, I sometimes still the see the message
            -> [mlat][i]No ADS-B time reference available
            at the time t1 as well as also
            -> [mlat][i]Received ADS-B time references AC:
            -> [mlat][i] 4CA5EC
            at the time t2.

            Here, "4CA5EC" is just an example. This is obviously the "Mode-S Code" of an ADS-B-AC currently spotted by the feeder. For MLAT feeding, the feeder obviously needs one or more ADS-B-ACs spotted at the same time frame like the MLAT ACs. Given the case, that the feeder at a certain time is spotting one or more MLAT-ACs but no "good" ADS-B-ACs, the message "[mlat][i]No ADS-B time reference available" appears, as the feeder is unable to detect a time-based "relationship" between the MLAT-ACs and ADS-B-ACs. Such a relationship must however obviously be present in order to deliver "good" MLAT data to the FR24 MLAT server.

            A minute or so later, when the feeder is again spotting one or more ADS-B-ACs, the message "[mlat][i]No ADS-B time reference available" is "substituted" by "[mlat][i]Received ADS-B time references AC:" followed by one or more ADS-B-Codes.

            A feeder, which is at any time spotting at least some dozens of ACs or even more, will probably never (or very rarely) produce the message "[mlat][i]No ADS-B time reference available".

            These assessments are based on my own observations of my feeder. However, they are IMHO not too far away from reality.