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Feeding data from a Raspberry Pi

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  • abcd567
    The Flightradar24 feeder installation on Piaware img is most likely to work ok. Go ahead and install FR24 feeder.

    In unlikely case of some severe problem, the best option will be a fresh install.
    You can choose any of the following two options for fresh install:

    1. Format microSD card
    2. Download Raspbian Jessie Lite image from
    3. Write the image to your microSD card.
    4. Install dump1090-mutability (Click Here)
    5. Install Flightradar24 feeder as per bash command in my last post (Click here)
    6. Install Piaware feeder (add-on) from Flightaware (Step 2 ONLY on this page: Click Here).


    Click Here

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  • Nigelr
    Many thanks for this. I'm using the Piaware image on my SD card. Is that a problem?

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  • abcd567
    You already have Flightaware data feeder on your Pi. To install Flightradar24 data feeder also, SSH to Rpi and run following command. The Pi will now feed both Flightradar24 and Flightaware.
    sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"
    #on completion of install, the process will ask you to provide your details ([B]email address, sharing key[/B], latitude, longitude etc). 
    #Fill all these details and complete the signup process. 
    sudo reboot
    Then in your web browser go to pages
    (1) http :// to check if it is working OK
    (2) http :// to see settings
    (Replace with IP address of your Pi on Local Network)

    Now some questions about your system:

    (1) What operating system you have?
    1. Raspbian Wheezy/Raspbian Jessie downloaded from
    2. Piaware image (SD card) downloaded from Flightaware

    (2) In case of (a), which dump1090 (dump1090 Malcom Robson, dump1090-fa from flightaware, or dump1090-mutability) have you installed?

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  • Nigelr
    started a topic Feeding data from a Raspberry Pi

    Feeding data from a Raspberry Pi

    I am currently using a splitter to feed the signal from my external antenna between a Puck connected to Basaestation and a Rasberry Pi. I feed data to FR24 from Basestation and I'm using the PiAware software on the Pi to feed Flightaware. However, use of the splitter reduces the range for both of these. Please could someone explain to me in very simple terms how (if possible) I might feed both Flightaware and FR24 from my Pi (much greater number of messages than using BS) i.e. have both Piaware and the FR24 feed running simultaneously, thus cutting out the splitter. Please note a very simple explanation is needed, if available.

    Many thanks