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FR24feed raspberry pi3 work partially

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  • FR24feed raspberry pi3 work partially

    Hi, this is the question. My radar is T-LIPT9 and up to some days ago i have feed through windows with FR24 win feed program. All ok with my radar as the main feeder to the Venice Airport. From three days ago i'm switched to Raspberry Pi3 and Flightaware SD image plus FR24 feed for raspberry installed from FR24 raspberry site in order to feed both the two main airplane trackers. All my statistics working correctly but i am NOT reported as feeder into FR24 tracking but active as contributor for feed. Now i have tried to activate the fr24 WIN feed and WITHOUT ANY CHANGEMENT in my configuration my radar IS REPORTED as tracker. If I deactive the win program during tracking I am reported as tracker for some one or two minutes again and then drop off. If I reactivate the win program i become again as tracker.
    Obviously I don't want to keep the computer on every time.
    I need to specify that i am unable to activate me on the FR24 site because my PI is non reported in activation page.
    Any idea how solving this problem?