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Automated Installation of Dump1090-Mutability, Data Feeders, and Performance Graphs

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  • Automated Installation of Dump1090-Mutability, Data Feeders, and Performance Graphs

    The automated installation scripts are written by Joe Prochazka.

    This method will NOT work with an existing installation. It requires a fresh install on a blank formatted microSD Card.
    1. Format microSD Card
    2. Download and unzip latest Raspbian operating System from
      At the time of writing this post, the latest images are "Raspbian Jessie" and "Raspbian Jessie Lite".
    3. Burn the "Raspbian Jessie Lite" or "Raspbian Jessie" image on microSD Card.
    4. Insert the microSD Card in RPi, and power up.
    5. SSH to RPi and login
    6. Give command sudo raspi-config
    7. Expand File System, change password, set time-zone and set language/keyboard.
    8. Reboot
    9. After reboot, SSH and run following commands

      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install git
      git clone
      cd ~/adsb-receiver
      chmod +x
    10. After last command (./, the automated installation process will start. First thing it will do is to update required packages list.
    11. Next step it will ask you choices (yes/no) for installing
      • dump1090-mutability OR dump1090-fa - Essential. The script will exit immediately if you say "No".
        The dump1090-fa is Flightaware's fork of dump1090-mutability. Both versions of dump1090 work ok, but their User Interface on Map Page are somewhat different. Their configuration/settings methods are also different.
        Since dump1090-fa is specific to Flightaware, while dump1090-mutability is non site-specific, I prefer to install dump1090-mutability.
      • dump978 - Only for USA. Even in USA, this is not much useful and requires 2nd DVB-T Dongle. Most people say "No" to it.
      • four data feeders - Flightaware, Planefinder, Flightradar24, and Adsbexchange. You may choose whatever feeders you want. To choose Flightradar24 feeder, use arrow key to move cursor up/down, and when on "Flightradar24 Client", press Spacebar to choose it. A star will be placed to show it is selected.

        CAUTION :
        When configuring FR24 feeder, DO NOT select "Receiver: DVBT".

        If you select "Receiver: DVBT", the FR24 feeder will replace dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev by v1.14. This will cause map and graphs to fail.

        Set following option:
        (1) If configuring by SSH (Putty)
        Receiver = ModeS Beast (USB/Network)
        Connection Type = Network connection
        IP Address / Host:
        Port: 30005

        (2) If configuring in browser at http ://<ip-of-pi>:8754/settings.html
        Receiver: ModeS Beast (TCP)
      • web portal - a useful tool comprising of many performance graphs. I recommend to say "Yes" to it. When its installation starts, another dialog will open. DO NOT choose ADVANCE OPTION. The advance option installs MySQL database, and will continuously & unnecessarily store all flight data on microSD card, shortening its life severely.

    12. It will then ask you if you want to proceed. Say "Yes".
    13. The process will now start updating the operating system, and on completion will tell you "Your operating system should now be up to date".
    14. It will then ask your permission to install dump1090-mutability. Say "Yes" and it will start build & install process. It is a lengthy process, be patient, go to kitchen and make a coffee for yourself.. At the end it will ask you to enter receiver's latitude and longitude. It has also an option to provide terrain limit rings, if you want and have obtained your panorama ID. Upon completion it will say " Dump1090-mutability setup is complete."
    15. It will then ask your permission to proceed with data feeder installation. For Flightradar24 feeder it will take moderate time, Planefinder feeder will be quick, but Flightaware data feeder takes very very long time. Be patient and make 2 cups of coffee for yourself. After installation is completer, FR24 signup process starts, which will require your credentials (email address, sharing key, latitude, longitude, antenna altitude etc).
    16. If you have said "Yes" to Web Portal earlier, its installation will start. It will ask if you want advance options. DO NOT CHOOSE ADVANCE OPTION. When the Web Portal installation finishes it will tell you " ADS-B Receiver Project Portal setup is complete". You then have to configure web portal from your browser.

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    I used this, as described, on a fresh install of Raspbian and it worked like a champ.

    If you have struggled with installing any of this, your jaw will simply drop.

    This is brilliant!


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        I just tried to follow the installation instruction. After the command git clone I am asked about a Username for and a password. Not sure what I have to enter - so I registered myself @gitbub but the Username and Passwort doesn't work.

        Maybe you have a hint what needs to be done.

        Thanks in advance.



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          take off the S in https
          Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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            Thanks Oblivian, ...... works now with http.

            Please excuse my following question ...... but it seems that I have now another hurdle to take: The option Flightradar24 doesn't appear:

            GaRoMeSi 2.jpg

            Whenever you have again a hint, please let me know.

            Thanks and regards



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              @ garomesi
              A feeder disappears from the list if it already exists, or has been installed in an earlier run of ./
              check if fr24 feeder already exists on your Pi.


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                Hey adcd567,

                I have a problem. When dump1090-mut is running I can see all the graphs and the live map in the webportal but I'm not feeding data zu Flightradar I'm offline. When I kill the process dump1090-mut nothing is displayed in the web portal graphs except core utili and stuff and no planes are displayed at the live map but I'm feeding data to Flightradar I'm online.
                So is there a way to run both. See all the graphs AND feeding data to Flightradar.

                P.S. It tells me device is busy when I try to start dump1090 with ./dump1090 when the process fr24feed is already running.

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                  This may happen if Flightradar24 data feeder is installed BEFORE installing dump1090-mutability.

                  It is important that dump1090-mutability is installed first, and then any data feeders are installed. This is what is done by the automated method.

                  Did you install Flightradar24 data feeder BEFORE installing dump1090-mutability?


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                    1. If you already have sharing key and entered your email and sharing key, then you dont have to ask for client ID/sharing key.
                    2. If you dont have sharing key and entered your email only, FR24 will send you your sharing key on that email address. You then go to page and enter the sharing key there, and save, then restart software.
                      Note: Replace by local IP address of your Pi.

                    1. If you already have an account with Flightaware, and have entered your user name and password for that account during setup, you dont have to do anything else.
                    2. If you dont already have Flightaware account, you have to go to their web site and create an account. Then login to your account and go to this page and follow the steps.


                      You must be on same network as your Pi when you use above link to claim your Piaware.
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                      Color full , I like it .
                      T-ZSSS32 F-ZSSS1 force shutdown by local regulation


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                        Originally posted by dannyhef

                        Thank you for your quick answer. I used your automated Installation with a brand new SD card.

                        P.S. I used the option that dump1090-mut is starting automatically on boot.
                        On brand new/formatted SD card, with Jessie image burned, the automated installation is designed to allow simultaneously running dump1090-mutability as well as Flightradar24 data feeder. The option to start dump1090-mut automatically on boot is normal, and should be used.

                        If you cannot run both dump1090-mutability and FR24 data feeder simultaneously, something has gone wrong during installation process. The cleanest and headache free option is to again format the microSD card, burn Jessie img and run the automated install script again.


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                          Originally posted by jarda
                          ......One question though: I am seeing MLAT aircraft position from piaware in the local web portal (which I like). Is everything set up so they're not being fed to flightradar24? I saw people talking about some extra configuration steps needed.

                          Thanks for this utility!
                          In installations done by automated scripts after August 2016, the flightaware MLAT data is displayed only in local web portal, and is not forwarded to any other site.

                          In installation done before August 2016, if someone chose to feed adsbexchange, the automated install script configured piaware to feed MLAT data also to adsbexchange.

                          Since the anouncement by Flightaware in August 2016 that their MLAT data should not be fed to other sites, the automated install scripts were modified, and no longer configure the installation to forward MLAT data to adsbexchange. Now if someone chooses to feed adsbexchange, only the local data received by his antenna is fed to adsbexchange, just like it is fed to FR24 or Planefinder or Flightaware.
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                            Originally posted by airport
                            Dump1090-mut is running in Raspi I can see all the graphs and the live map on Win10 PC Chrome browser. Now I want to display dump1090-mut airplanes on BaseStation map running on Win 10 PC. How can I do that?

                            Direct feed from dump1090-mutability is not compatible to BaseStation.
                            However, you can still feed BaseStation from dump1090-mutability if you pass the feed through ModeSMixer2.
                            Therefore you will have to install ModesSMixer2 on your RPi.

                            First Configure your BaseStation on Windows:
                            1. Configure "Settings -> Hardware Settings -> Network" to IP of RPi, port 10001. This will enable feed from ModeSMixer2 to display on BaseStation, planes picked by your antenna only (no MLAT).

                            2. Configure "Settings -> Data Settings -> Message Filtering" place check mark besides "Process TIS-B Messages". This will add display of MLAT planes from Flightaware to the display of locally picked planes.

                            Now install ModeSMixer2 on your RPI
                            1. Go to Select the ModeSMixer2 tgz file which matches your model of Pi and OS (wheezy or Jessie) and download it on Windows Desktop.

                            2. In Pi, create a folder "modesmixer"
                              cd ~
                              sudo mkdir modesmixer
                            3. Using SFTP/FileZill, copy the downloaded .tgz file from Windows Desktop to RPi in the newly created folder "modesmixer".

                            4. Extract the tgz file by following command:
                              sudo tar -xvf modesmixer2_*.tgz
                              #extracted files will be displayed as below

                            5. Make extracted file "modesmixer2" executable by following command:
                              sudo chmod 766 modesmixer2

                            6. Start the ModeSMixer2 by following command:
                              cd ~/modesmixer
                              sudo ./modesmixer2 --inConnect localhost:30005 --inConnect localhost:30105 --outServer sbs10001:10001 --location xx.xxxxx:yy.yyyy --web 8765 &
                              (a) In the part "--location xx.xxxxx:yy.yyyy" of the above command, replace xx.xxxx by your Latitude and yy.yyyy by your Longitude.
                              (b) Take care that "&" at the end of command is copied and pasted. Without "&" at the end of command, mosesmixer2 will stop the moment you close the SSH window.
                              (c) The part "--web 8765" instructs the modesmixer2 to display its output in web browser on port 8765. You can change 8765 to another port number if you like.

                            7. After giving above command, you will see the output like below:
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.165 INFO ModeSMixer2 v.20160119
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.166 INFO Magnetic declination value was calculated
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.168 INFO outServer(sbs10001:10001) started
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.173 INFO inConnect(localhost:30005) connecting
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.174 INFO inConnect(localhost:30005) connected
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.175 INFO inConnect(localhost:30105) connecting
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.176 INFO inConnect(localhost:30105) connected
                              2016-10-18 12:21:27.297 INFO inConnect(localhost:30005) BEAST data stream detected
                              2016-10-18 12:21:30.579 INFO Coverage area was determined.
                              2016-10-18 12:21:30.579 INFO Magnetic declination value was calculated
                              2016-10-18 12:21:33.521 INFO inConnect(localhost:30105) BEAST data stream detected
                              2016-10-18 12:21:35.333 INFO outServer(sbs10001:10001) connected
                              2016-10-18 12:21:39.426 INFO outServer(sbs10001:10001) SBS-3 LOGIN

                            You can see output from ModeSMixer2 in your browser by typing address http://<IP of RPi>:8765

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                              Originally posted by jarda
                              Everything seems to be working perfectly since the install, thanks again!

                              How does one go about keeping various components up to date after install. It says here that fr24 feeder is updated via apt. Is dump1090-mutability as well? piaware?
                              The dump1090-mutability and Piaware are NOT installed by "apt-get install". Insted source code is downloaded and .deb package is built in the Pi. Hence "apt-get upgrade" will not upgrade to latest version. The update/upgrade is to be done as follows:

                              cd ~/adsb-receiver
                              git fetch --all
                              git reset --hard origin/master