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Dump1090 Map Relationship between MSG and TRACK

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  • Dump1090 Map Relationship between MSG and TRACK

    I have only been at it a week, and continue to improve my antenna, but no where near the final version/location. Currently using cantenna. Humongous improvement over the little one that I purchased.

    However, now that I am showing more than a handful of flights on the dump1090 web shot, I would like to understand the relationship between messages and tracks. As you can see from screen shot, several flights have a lot of messages, but still no track.

    While I'm asking, what determines the plane color (I ass/u/me strength of track)?

    In case it matters, I am running dump1090-mutability, and have very consistent yes on MLAT running!

    Dump1049 .jpg

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    Messages = all data from aircraft. Track= known direction tx'd ( gps AC only). Colour = is data old/current

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