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  • Fr24 image and patch

    Sorry to burden you pros, but...

    I have read and read and read and just need to ask.

    If I install FR24 for Raspberry Pi, today, 9/10, do I still need to install the "Jessie Patch"?

    I am just not seeing the same result, make that the "correct" result on feed status.

    I have dump1090 working, everything seems fine, EXCEPT, when I have tried to ACTIVATE RASPBERRY PI, I get no receivers found.

    I have received the key from the robot, and I see lots of little planes flying around on the dump 1090 map, but still haven't broken the proper feed status or the activate barrier yet.

    Thanks and OBTW you guys (both male and female) have put a tremendous amount of information and effort out here, I am just not getting the final few pieces!

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    Yes, its a limitation of the difference between Jessie and Wheezy.

    Ignore the register bit, thats for an auto discovery on local lan which usually breaks. Just ensure it reports working via SSH commands and the web config page
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      Thank you!