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Remotedesktop Connection to RaPi 3 not possible

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  • Remotedesktop Connection to RaPi 3 not possible

    I have installed the FR24 Image on my RaPi 3 - based on Jessie Lite without any GUI. I was told in this forum that a GUI makes the RaPi slower and delays in uploading could be a result of having a not needed GUI.

    Well, I agree a GUI is not needed but I would like to connect my RaPi by Remotedesktop because my hardware is in the third floor without any attached Monitor and Keyboard. Sometime I would like to check if the RaPi is still feeding date and maybe some changes in the configuration is needed.

    If I run the command "sudo apt-get install xrdp" I got an error message. In the thread "PI 3 Raspberry GUI failure" I learned to run first

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    but this command seems to install quite a lot of Software and I don't know what happens in the background. I am able now to connect by Remotedesktop but after the connection I see a black screen but not a command line.

    Is it possible to connect by Remotedesktop but without having installed a GUI on the RaPi?

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    As pointed out in your previous post, it would require X. What you have attempted there is to install something to work on X, without it being installed.

    However the best method is to use the same way you connect to it locally, using SSH over network
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      No you need a GUI for RDC to connect to.

      Hmm it's a bit of a thinker, Besides looking at the Radar Status on your account page on FR I don't really think you can tell.

      You can see if the process is running by ssh and using the "top" command, This will show up dump1090 and fr24feed.

      Other then that theres not a lot you can do.

      I use the sites Status page to show its online and I use Virtual Radar on a windows installation to see that my antenna is working and that the Pi is seeing aircraft.


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        Dear Oblivian and JonPugh

        Thanks for your answer. The SSH part (as newcomer I haven't been aware) was exactly I was looking for and Virtual Radar seems to be the solution to check the range of the antenna. I already installed Virtual Radar on my Windows PC but can't connect to my RaPi - seems to be a lack of understanding of the config - but I will work on that hurdle too.

        Whenever you have some ideas how to configure Virtual Radar, please let me know.

        With best regards



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          Garomesi its no problem, Virtual radar is easy although it may look a bit scary.
          Firstly head over to **YourPiIP**:8754/settings.html make sure you have RAW data on. (save, restart, {I then ssh in and sudo reboot})
          Open Virtual Radar, Go to tools > options > Receiver Locations and add your location.
          Then Go to Receiver > Add (+) then on the top right you will see Wizard.
          Software Defined radio > Dump 1090 > No > Pi IP Address > Finish

          That should be it. I'll pop a video up just running through it.


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            Not aloud to post links yet (as new user)
            but if you head over to youtube and add watch?v=u9w6GwTDxF4 after the .com then you should see it


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              Dear JonPugh

              What a surprise ...... and thousand thanks for your time to explain me how VR has to be configured!!! With your guidance and video I was now able to connect my RaPi and I can track now all my flights.

              I wish you a pleasant day and all the best