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    It was all ok from the weekend (first installation), but in my statistics on FR24 it started to show me offline (the service and status site (port 8754)) show all up, I restarted the service, stopped and started again, no errors. But in FR24 stats I saw me still offline, I restarted de Rpi and I was back online, I lost a lot of uptime because of this (like 18hs) and now I can't login to my stats page on FR24 (I assume that my poor uptime let me out of the "add coverage" program).
    I started it now with sudo fr24feed and not as a service to have the verbose and look for errors.
    Two questions:
    -Do I have to wait to get access again to FR24?
    -Any idea what could happen to the FR24feed service that make me restart the Rpi? (don't want to check the status every hour)
    -Without access to the web, how can I know if i'm sending stats? I have "FR24 Link: Connected via UDP" but it was the same status when show me offline

    edit: I can see my stats online again, still want to know what happened, and what can I do to avoid that error
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    First question. How many Amp power source
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      Originally posted by Oblivian View Post
      First question. How many Amp power source
      850mA, just changed power source to one with 2,4A.
      Thank you a lot for pointing me to this!