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Checking of my equipment (Antenna and DVB-T Stick)

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  • Checking of my equipment (Antenna and DVB-T Stick)

    Some days ago I set up my first feeder by a Raspberry Pi 3 and I followed the instruction of this forum (to have a GUI Version with Dump 1090 and FR24 Feeder Software). I worked with a NooElec Mini 2+ Stick (the blue one) and with the small Antenna which was attached to the NooElec USB Stick. To check how many flights were tracked (not sure if this would be the best solution) I connected to <localhost:8754> and I observed about 25 tracked Aircrafts and about 15 uploaded Aircrafts (in average). By using Radarview about 1/4 of the Swiss and South German Flights were tracked as red what I see as a sign of tracked flights (am I correct)?

    Today I installed the FlightAware USB stick (orange one - without any filter although highly recommended in the instruction manual) and a 66 cm Antenna which I will install tomorrow on my roof. Now I see about 60 tracked Aircrafts and more then 40 uploaded Aircrafts and on Radarview page nearly every Swiss Aircrafts and many more in South German region are flagged as red - but the Antenna is still in house.

    Am I right that with the new equipment to have a higher coverage? Maybe there are other solution to check how may Flights are tracked but with my unexperienced knowledge of FR24 this is for me the easiest solution to check my infrastructure.

    Thanks in advance for your expert view !!