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Unusual status return? (Pi)

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  • Unusual status return? (Pi)

    I've just created a new Pi install and am receiving an unexpected result when i check the status. (FlightAware Pro Stick, Pi 3 Model B running latest Raspbery OS over Wi-Fi)

    I've installed dump1090-mutability (as instructed on this forum) and updated to the latest fr24 feed software (Again, as instructed on this forum) and it appears to be feeding data to FR24 according to my status page.

    These are the settings I have configured when i go to the FR24 Feeder settings address.
    feeder settings.jpg

    However....When I run sudo service fr24feed status on PuTTY, I get the below image. This isn't what I seen on other screenshots of people who have ran the status line. status update.jpg

    My uncertainty is over whether I have installed both dump1090 and FR24feeder correctly as I didn't expect the output from the above top image (sudo service status image). Also, I'm unsure of how to check if Dump1090-multi is running also.

    Similarly, if i reboot/restart the Pi, I'm unsure of what exactly I need to do again to restart feeding. Do I just need to power up the Pi with no command line entry?

    On a slightly similar note, I have managed to get my stick to run off my Laptop and display some aircraft on Planeplotter. (Using Dump1090 for windows and RTL 1090). I have a few queries with that but thats for the appropriate thread!

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    If you read through this, you will find it outlined that wheezy is a different OS build and as such displays status different from jessie. This requires modification
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