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    Hey everyone,

    I have my PI set up and reporting to Flightradar. I have an issue though. After a week or so, my pi stops communicating through my wifi. It seems to just stay on but stop reporting. I unplug / replug it and it may last a few days but some times it only lasts a few hours. Anyone have any idea on what to do so that my PI will stay on wifi?

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    How is your setup configured? Biggest mistake is too long of a cheap USB cable between receiver and RPi or insufficient power to the RPi itself.

    If you don't think that's the problem, just buy another DVB-T stick, they are cheap.

    Edit: Actually this problem sounds like it's an RPi problem. Do you have auto updates enabled? I always disable auto update but you might find a correlation. Otherwise I would look at replacing the power supply and maybe the RPi itself (or maybe just reformat and start from scratch first).
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      I second Sam26K's answer. PSU, but just to be sure, if you installed your feeder with the official script, I would make sure all the software is up to date first.

      SSH in,


      sudo apt-get update

      sudo apt-get upgrade

      sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

      If your still having problems, could be your PSU. Have a look, and make sure its rated at least 2000mA. Some USB power supply are real cheap and nasty and cause a lot of noise. They are built down to a price. Some are even dangerous with little or zero mains isolation.
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