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Flightradar tracking airplanes but not feeding

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  • Flightradar tracking airplanes but not feeding

    I am running fr24feed on a raspberry pi, collecting data with a DVB-T USB device. I have installed fr24feed using the installation script. I am running the most up to date version of fr24feed (according to apt-get).

    If I go to ip:8080 I see airplanes flying around on an interactive map, indicating that I do see airplanes. Also when I go to ip:30003, however

    Receiver type
    OS Platform (Pi/Windows) - Pi
    fr24feed version - Linux/generic/armv7l/1.0.18-7
    Status of fr24feed window - (see below?)
    Config settings (Screenshot of config page) - See screenshot
    Any visible startup errors (screenshot or paste)
    Additional software you may have running (or in the past) - None?
    What checks have been performed to try and fix already

    When I start fr24feed from the commandline it boots up fine, but seems to get stuck at connecting via UDP. It gives out a "[feed][n] working""[feed][n]ping 1" after which it just keeps increasing the number of the ping. At this exact moment I can see active airplanes on ip:8080.

    It seems to me like the data does not go to the fr24feed program, but I have no idea why and what settings are wrong...

    Any input?

    Flightradar24 Feeder/Decoder
    Updated: 23:06:07 GMT+0200

    FR24 Link: Connected via UDP
    FR24 Radar Code: T-EHSB119
    Aircraft Tracked (ModeS & ADS-B): 0
    Aircraft Uploaded: N/A
    Receiver: dvbt, Connected
    MLAT running: N/A
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    Failing a reboot and check, Have a go at changing receiver to AVR(TCP)

    It sounds like dump1090 is running (did you have anything prior for feeding?) but fr24feed will be attempting to access the same USB device a 2nd time while it has it hooked and failing. It will connect to the server but capturing wont be possible. Giving a result like you say
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      (and well done for checking out my guide and giving lots of info )
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        If I set it to AVR(TCP) the interactive map at :8080 does not work, and it does not launch dump1090 (according to "pgrep -l dump1090"), which it does in the DVBT Stick mode...
        Also it shows "Receiver: Down" as a status ("sudo service fr24feed status"). I am afraid that does not solve the problem


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          *click* interactive. Turn that off. Wrong
          output format (screen only)

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            Right, so when I turn off the option "--interactive --net --net-http-port 8080" I do not get the interactive map anymore, and it still does not feed anything .
            Dump1090 is running once, unfortunately it still does not work :/ . Any other ideas?

            If I look at the status I get this:
            [ ok ] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: running.
            [ ok ] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2016-07-27 21:05:36.
            [ ok ] FR24 Link: connected [UDP].
            [ ok ] FR24 Radar: T-<TAG>.
            [ ok ] FR24 Tracked AC:.
            [ ok ] Receiver: connected (0 MSGS/ SYNC).
            [FAIL] FR24 MLAT: not running ... failed!

            I was also hoping I might need the Jessie fix, but I am actually running wheezy so I guess it should work..


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              Instead of "--interactive --net --net-http-port 8080" you can use "--net --net-http-port 8080"
              This will still give you the local map and may fix your feeding issue (although I'm not entirely sure if it will fix the feeder problem)


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                Cool, I will try that . Currently not any airplanes that I could see, so I'll see tomorrow whether I am feeding planes now .

                [Edit 23:34]

                It seems that I needed to be more patiently, the status now gives:
                Aircraft Tracked (ModeS & ADS-B): 1
                Aircraft Uploaded: 1

                Lets see how this develops! Thanks guys!
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                  I only have --net --gain -10 on my 2 Raspberry Pi's and get the local browser using the 192.168.X.X:8080 format.
                  My settings for the 3 Feed selections are all set to NO (my data from RPi2 feeds data to Rpi1 on 30001 using Netcat)

                  Try running the FR24 setup again, and confirm with the site what your location is - not sure if this would help with your problem - but will help with MLAT.


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                    Any reason you are using 2 accounts on the forum..
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                      I am not

                      Anyway, after running it for 2 days it is clear that I have reception... The range might be a bit bad (49nm) but I can always try to find a solution for that...
                      Thanks for the help.


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                        Hi, My Pi blew up this morning so I have installed the FR24 software onto my desktop temporarily, Locally working well with map, except for not following aircraft or uploading. Please below:



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