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Dual / Multi RPi Setup

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  • Dual / Multi RPi Setup

    I've recently updated my setup to 2 xRaspberry Pi 3.

    Thanks to searching the forum (I hate people who don't) i was able to combine both feeds using Netcat, to give me one output on my No-IP site. I've imaged the SD card of Pi#1 onto Pi#2, so it allows me to provide a consistent upload in the event i need to work on one device - thus no downtime for the FR24 Stats - and providing some redundancy.

    All i need to do is simply stop the Netcat feed to Pi#1 if i work on Pi#2.

    I've also built another homemade 16 element CoCo antenna for the additional RPi, and as i live in an apartment there's no roof mounted possibility, but a great location balances that. As you can see, from the pictures below, i've purposely made both antennas look like an "electrical installation" with 20mm conduit and clips - and they're pretty covert looking as well, with no neighbours asking questions!!

    IMG_1599 (1).jpg IMG_1662.jpg IMG_1664.jpg

    I'm in Glasgow, Scotland, T-EGPF65, and by using the other antenna alone, i've increased coverage to the North of Scotland, and Islands. Now i'm receiving 1000+ planes per day.


    My plan is to install another Rpi / CoCo for coverage to the East, and upgrade to Dump1090-Mutability.

    Feel free to send suggestions / advice - Especially on Pre-Amps / Filters etc.

    Thanks Forum!!
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