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    Hey everyone,

    one feature I really would like to have is the ability to manual switch a filter ON and OFF.
    I usually have 4 to 5 different Filter active and sometimes would like to trigger those groups manually, e.g. only GROUP 2 or GROUP 1 and 3


    Thank you in advance


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      Would it be possible to annotate the airport maps at major airports with taxiways letters. Not asking for all, say JFK, LGA, ATL, LAX, ORD. Something like that. I find it interesting to track aircraft from landing to the gate while listening to Tower/Ground freqs.


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        Please, add a "PLAYBACK" option in "RADAR VIEW" mode!

        screenshot -



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          Right now, flights show scheduled departure and scheduled arrival - and these are GATE times, not takeoff and landing times. Then, FR24 shows the takeoff and landing times as "actual" - and it makes it appear that a plane took off "late" because the takeoff time is 15 minutes after the gate departure. It would be much better to show additional times- actual gate departure, estimated takeoff, actual takeoff, etc. Otherwise the information is just invalid.

          Additionally - this is probably more in the nature of a bug - aircraft pins often don't populate unless I manually turn them off and on. Would be nice to see this fixed.


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            My suggestion is including filtering by hexcode specifically and "No.Reg" aircrafts.

            For example: I would like to filtering by aircrafts with E49 of hexcode initial and the fr24 show me all the aircrafts with hexcode that starts with E49.

            Filtering by "No.Reg" are helpfully to search aircrafts without registrations in databases.

            My third suggestion is including alert by specifically hexcode. I input an specifically hexcode in the app and when this hexcode is appears the app alerts me.


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              Originally posted by jet 320 View Post
              Please, add a "PLAYBACK" option in "RADAR VIEW" mode!

              screenshot -



              I also would like to support this request


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                Originally posted by Edilson.Carlos View Post
                My suggestion is including filtering by hexcode specifically and "No.Reg" aircrafts.
                I would like this too. It would make IDing new aircraft for the database much easier if we could see their past flights as many use reg as callsign.


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                  Hi Flightradar24.

                  I love your website and spend many hours tracking aircraft movements.
                  The only problem is aircraft animation fluidity in New York area.
                  Because you have 3 airports in New York area JFK/EWR & LGA the aircraft fluidity does not work due to volume of traffic.
                  When i switch off Aircraft On Ground setting, the aircraft animation fluidity in New York area works due to less aircraft see JFK minus aircraft on ground attachment.

                  However when i view New York area radar i do like to view the aircraft on the ground at the 3 airports see JFK full attachment, but the drawback is that the aircraft animation fluidity will not work which is why i have to switch off Aircraft On Ground feature.


                  Could you please add a animate aircraft ON/OFF for aircraft on ground setting,
                  which then means i should hopefully be able to watch fluid airborne aircraft animation in New York area, with Aircraft On Ground activatedbut with new Aircraft On Ground animation setting off.

                  With Christmas approaching i was wondering if you good people at FR24 could implement this feature to your website before end of year as a Christmas gift.

                  Thank you in advance.

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