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  • lameduck
    Dear FR24-team,

    some feature requests for filters:
    - allow changing the sequence of filters (like managing bookmarks in the older version) and/or
    - add a 'sort filters by type' (callsign, airport etc.) feature
    - filter features for airports: Allow multiple airport selection in one filter (something like in/out for "ARN, FRA, LHR").

    Perhaps an even more challenging request: Add ICAO-designators for airport filters an allow asterisks as wildcards, like filter airport ES* for all Swedish airports.

    Thank you very much for considering the ideas.

    - lameduck -

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  • tanhy
    Feature Request 1:
    1x playback speed option in Flightradar24 website

    For info, currently the slowest playback speed in Flightradar24 website is 12x. There are times when I like to replay Flightradar24 with ATC recording (from elsewhere) so 1x speed will be good.
    Also 1x playback speed is already available but only in Flightradar24 mobile app (at least for Android which I'm using) but just not available in your website.
    This will also improve consistency across Flightradar24 offerings.

    Slowest playback speed in Flightradar24 website:

    Slowest playback speed in Flightradar24 Android app

    Feature Request 2:
    More advance email alert settings and management abilities

    Such as...
    • Ability to sort/re-sequence alerts. E.g. currently it can only appear as a chronological list. Over time as more alerts are added (such as tracking delivery registrations), it's starting to get quite disorder and difficulty to find.
    • Ability to use wildcards perhaps even regular expression. E.g. 4-digit fight numbers starting with 8 for a specific airline (usually the case for special functional check flights, positioning or delivery flights).
    • Ability to view & edit alerts. E.g. revisit the local alerts as currently there is no way to see it again once set.
    • Improve alert logic. E.g. currently when adding alert for a single aircraft type with multiple airlines option in the same alert, this is not working for reasons unknown and impossible to understand why. Alert only work for a single aircraft type with a single airline option. So have to add multiple of such alert to cover multiple airlines.

    Feature Request 3:
    Consider adding a sub-folder in the downloadable KML files that extends path to ground

    Currently there are route and trial folders showing a flight's actual path. In addition to this, a proposed path extension to ground will allow for better visualisation against ground features (e.g. a flight plan plot) without additional user effort to manipulate the KML data.

    Flightradar24 KML file against flight plan plot without path extension to ground:

    Flightradar24 KML file against flight plan plot with path extension to ground:

    Feature "Correction" Request:
    Fix the Incorrect day-night map in Data / History pages if system time zone not UTC described in an adjacent forum.

    Thank you!
    Last edited by tanhy; 2021-03-27, 15:03.

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  • nbiler
    started a poll How many people are tracking this flight.

    How many people are tracking this flight.

    I know there is a feature to see the 5 most tracked flights, but I think it would be cool if you could see the number of people tracking a flight when you click on it (it could also be in the more info category). Vote below if you would like to see this.

  • Missing an engine
    Please bring back the option to turn filters on and off the new way is a big step backwards as you have to turn each filter off individual before you can see other planes and then turn them all back on again

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  • cmfs2004

    I hope you are able to understand my request properly. I would like to be able to filter which aircraft types (A321, B739, B748, etc) fly which routes from a selected airport. The process would go as below: > Data/History > Airports > KDFW (Example) > "Show All Routes" > Then filter by ACFT type "B772" to see all B772 routes scheduled from KDFW. Perhaps the ability to select multiple filters for Gold+ members, So KDFW > "Show All Routes" > Filter "B772+B744+A388+A346" to see which heavy routes are operated from a specific airport.

    Thank you,

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  • Arge72
    I'd love to see what I'm tracking live, which shows only the planes under my radar.

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  • Burton_Ped
    Both the Website and the Apps have great filtering capabilities if you want to focus on something specific, such as all aircraft from a particular airline, aircraft of a particular type etc. What does not appear to be supported, however, is the ability to filter OUT (i.e. exclude) something. This could be implemented as an alternative to the existing filters so that a user can filter OUT a particular airline, or a certain type of aircraft for example. This would be particularly useful for users where air traffic in a certain area has a dominant feature that creates "noise" that makes it difficult to identify unusual or interesting activity.

    For example, a user may be looking at a hub airport and wants to eliminate all the aircraft from the hub airline so they can more easily spot the unusual visitors. A particular aircraft type or category might be dominant, so again the user wants to filter them out to see more unusual aircraft. If you're viewing an area that has a major operation by Southwest or Ryanair, for example, it can make for pretty boring skies. Excluding them from view could give a good appreciation of what else is going on.

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  • HikokiOtaku
    ...and another request from me.

    When you click on an airport pin or access airport data by clicking on a plane you can read the MyFlightRadar24 reviews of the airport. Is it possible to include a 'read reviews' section for airlines and individual flights please as these are also written by MyFR24 members like myself.

    Thank you.

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  • HikokiOtaku
    Hello FR24 team, thanks for all the hard work you do.

    Is it possible please to have an extra column when in Fleet View to display where the aircraft is currently parked when on the ground. Case in point, this weeks newsletter has an item about BA retiring its B747's.
    When you then look on Fleet View for BA and filter to B744 although you can hover the mouse over the rightmost column which then says 'last seen at...', it would be great if the current location was displayed in the table rather than having to hover on each cell.

    Thanks, keep safe.

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  • F-EGPD4
    Under settings / aircraft labels / text labels. How about adding selectable option of ‘Radar’ to the list of options.
    I would like a user option to be able to see which radar is being used by the aircraft on my screen.
    Its a pain having to go ‘Data Source - MLAT’ all the time.

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  • F-EGPD4
    A lot of daily traffic in the north sea, especially off NE Scotland is helicopters performing crew changes to fixed oil platforms.
    It would be handy to have a selectable option of showing the positions and names of these installations. Currently we dont
    know where they are going.

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  • Vocnorth
    I'm looking at writing an app that acts a bit like a Jet Pokemon, using ADS-b to "catch" aircraft and then they show up in your hangar. You could go mobile with your setup and visit airports and airshows and fill your hangar.

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  • KSQL18
    I'd like the have the Filter by Radar feature show all aircraft the radar is tracking, not just a random sample. For privacy, users can turn this feature on/off like data sharing. The Radar view can do it, but I don't like the layout.

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  • koro
    Hi, is it a good idea to make the filters swtchable.
    So you can make multiple filters and toggle them on/off.

    Koen, EBAW3 - OO-ADW

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  • Staj
    Support for ICAO recognised airports that do not have IATA codes. There are plenty of commercial GA operators that operate from airports without IATA codes, hard to use your product for fleet tracking when you don't recognise any of the airports we operate from.

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