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  • Originally posted by Blueskies2k40 View Post
    is ther a way xample a passenger or cargojet arrives park's at ramp or gate then it disappear until it comes back in for an active flight like an hour or 2 hours later in future is ther a way ther can be an option. Wich instead of disappearing stays as a static viewable aircraft I know in flightradar24 they disappear until it becomes active again can this be an option pls I know with technology nowadays yall can do it
    When the flight is finished, the ADS-B transponder is turned off. At that point, there is no way to know where the aircraft is located. From the time the transponder is turned off until it is turned on again, its location is unknown. It could be towed to another gate or a parking spot.


    • All the plane icons on the screen can be quite bewildering sometimes. Do they all have to be the same color (namely yellow)? Multi-colored icons would help add meaning.

      I'm thinking in particular of filter categories. Plane labels help but tend to clutter the screen. Having, say, a color-picker for each category would be nice.

      Adding a color property to plane icons could lead to improvements throughout the system.


      • The new flag label causes List View to throw an error.


        • Hello,

          As ADS-L is becoming more common, and allready is a set standard for non-ADS-B equipped aircraft by EASA, would it be possible to link a feed from Safesky to fr24?

          SafeSky, l'application anticollision


          • The latest changes to the FR24 webpage are OK, including the possibility to configure aircraft labels but I miss another option - to choose what should be shown in the "on-hover" label. Displaying text (or flag or any) labels for every aircraft may be OK but only if you zoom the map to see only a very few of them, which is not easy in regions like Europe or US or Asia. It would be very useful to be able to configure the on-hover label info beyond the current default (flight number), e.g. the route. Now it seems to work the opposite way - even if I setup the route label for all aircraft, when I hover the mouse pointer on any particular plane, the route disappears.


            • Hi all,
              I don't know if this has been requested before, but I didn't find anything. The new web features are great.... I really only miss the possibility to search by partial flight number or callsign. E.g.: looking for "834A" or "*34A" in the search window would find "TAP834A". This is very useful while listening to Airband comms and overhearing just part of the callsign. This should be very easy to implement.

              Thanks and regards,
              Las Rozas de Madrid (Spain)


              • Can negative altitude be displayed please. Typically for aircraft at low altitudes on days of high pressure.

                I note that it was displayed as far back as 2015 (from a search of this forum), but does not appear to be now.

                For context my position with a small national regulator is often required to check complaints of low flying, and FR24 is the tool of choice for my organization, but fails in this respect - which is pretty much directly what I need it for!


                • I prefer using the 'Radar View' or default view feature on Flightradar24 to visually track aircraft on the map. It's interesting to combine that with listening to live air traffic control communications (probably from a source like or my own radio/SDR to monitor my vicinity as live near an air port). This lets me follow real-world flights as they happen.

                  However, I would really like a feature that goes beyond just tracking planes. I want something that allows me to provide directions, or 'vectors', for a tracked aircraft. The goal is quickly find and know where that waypoint the ATC gives. This would be an awesome addition to the experience. Search and locate feature for waypoints just like the current search for flights.


                  • Originally posted by HikokiOtaku View Post
                    I would also like to see more variables with filtering - let's be honest FR24 does like to shout about the filtering facility!
                    As a starter, let us say I am visiting an airport, let's pick one - Frankfurt.
                    I can filter for FRA easy enough, great. Now since there will be plenty of Lufty flights I now want to EXCLUDE anything DLH.
                    Of the remaining flights visible I'm really interesting in seeing say Chinese only, therefore reggies starting B-* please.

                    In short filtering to include or exclude plus wildcards - I may want to see only aircraft types that begin A3*, or exclude them as I may live in Toulouse and want to see something different on my travels.
                    Came here to request exactly the same, even with the same sample for FRA minus DLH.
                    Is this feasible?

                    (Edit: But obviously this would even more required on the mobile version, when I'm actually at Frankfurt airport itself )
                    Last edited by Antheii; 2024-04-23, 11:55.


                    • Has any feature request in this thread been integrated into fr24? At least none of mine.

                      Anyway, here's another one. It would be cool if weather balloons (radiosondes) would be shown too.
                      Data is available via APRS or sondehub API.


                      • You guys should add a globe map option similar to when you zoom out a little on google maps (it switches automatically to globe mode). Users could switch between globe mode and default mode depending on their preferience (I would prefer globe mode because the airplane routes would be more realistic)