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  • Would be nice if FR24 had better flight path resolution.
    Free services do it better. Comparison FR24 vs adsbexchange:


    • When I Zoom + or - or use the mouse wheel, the map zooms TWO steps! I want the zoom to stop on that first level (in or out), not go twice. IE there needs to be finer resolution to the zoom.


      • Feature request, since I can't find anything in the settings, is to show airport configurations. This includes runway numbers, taxiways, etc. Similar to feature found on planefinder[.]net and adsbexchange[.]com


        • Someone write up a great blog post on how FlightRadar24 was missing two key features so they reimplemented it to create their own app.

          Feature request:

          1. it would be great if you could enable the compass & reorient the map based on where you’re looking

          2. it would be great if you could use different color planes to indicate altitude. Eg brown planes are close to the ground (low altitude) and blue planes are high in the sky (high altitude)


          • Originally posted by JeeveStobs View Post
            Feature request, since I can't find anything in the settings, is to show airport configurations. This includes runway numbers, taxiways, etc. Similar to feature found on planefinder[.]net and adsbexchange[.]com
            Example screenshots:

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            • I'm requesting the ability to automatically display the details of the nearest overhead flight as it passes by.

              For example, my bookmark is,-93.15/13 and if there is a flight within a 2-mile radius of that center point, I would like an option to have the flight automatically selected and displayed. As flights pass into and out of this radius, the flight info will appear and then disappear. Example screenshots below:

              Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 12.06.50 Large.pngScreen Shot 2023-12-14 at 12.06.57 Large.png

              Please let me know if this is already possible. If not, is it something that could be implemented in the future?

              Thank you!


              • It would be really nice to add ETA column in LIST-view, so it could be possible to sort on when airplanes will arrive.


                • Is there any way we can get back the blue icons for satellite tracking? That made it so much easier to discern who was under radar coverage and who was only tracked by satellite ADS-B. If you could do that for the IOS app as well, that would be great!


                  • On the Data > statistics
                    is it possible to see airborne airplanes by type?

                    ( with possibility to sort by number )


                    • I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place (after navigating the forum for about 10 minutes, I couldn't figure out where to post...also, my standard paid-for login ID doesn't work with the Forum, which I assume means it's a separate website).

                      For my feature request, I have a Windows wallpaper of the globe that updates every 5 minutes including sun and darkness as well as real-time cloud cover. Is there a way to get this with Flightradar24 that would show its map of the world with the current flights? If not, I would help fund something like this if others are interested.



                      • Hello,
                        When using my.flightradar24.
                        If you have multiple flights over multiple years. There is no easy way to access the listing of past flights (I mean, those that are years old) without fetching and scrolling through the listing of all flights that a person has in their list. It would be great if there was a way to filter the list by a specific year, or destination. With over 2200 flights, going back to edit a flight several years back is really difficult.
                        Thanks for the consideration.


                        • Feature request. Provide a quick way for users to report if a flight looks impossible. Example, a small non-pressurised plane flying higher and faster than known performance capability.


                          • Good day,

                            I am not sure if this has been asked before but i am looking at using the muti-select to track certain flights by call sign permanently. I have added a few flights already but the next day when the flight takes off again it stops tracking it and will only track it if i manually add it again.


                            • I have some comments about Flight Tracker Map / My Account / Feed stats​.

                              In general, the stats don't update consistently.

                              The status sometimes reports offline, even though the feeder is running. I would expect if the status reports offline, there would be a corresponding gap in the uptime, but I'm not seeing that. It's reporting 100% uptime.

                              The status and current upload rate both seem to be reasonably current, but most of the other stats are not current and in some cases, can be very far behind. I've noticed some of the stats being an hour or more behind. It would be nice if the stats were always current, so it would be possible to confirm by refreshing that the feeder is working properly.

                              In the rankings, the max range is not always correct. For example, at the moment, the max range from yesterday is higher than the max range being reported in the rankings.

                              Regarding the polar plot, it seems to be correct with all of the ranges enabled or if all of the ranges from the highest to lowest are enabled, but if you disable a lower range with a higher range enabled, the range is incorrect.


                              • is ther a way xample a passenger or cargojet arrives park's at ramp or gate then it disappear until it comes back in for an active flight like an hour or 2 hours later in future is ther a way ther can be an option. Wich instead of disappearing stays as a static viewable aircraft I know in flightradar24 they disappear until it becomes active again can this be an option pls I know with technology nowadays yall can do it